Who wore it best? Jodie Marsh vs Kim Kardashian #ThingWeNeverThoughtWeWouldSay

Kim and Jodie - sassy fashion sisters

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by Rhiannon Evans |
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Since she got married to Kanye West and all fancy, Kim Kardashian probably cites her fashion idols as people like Ricardo Tisci, some people that work for Balmain and Picasso or something.

But actually, it's Jodie Marsh.

How's that vintage Givenchy feeling now, Kim?

We love Jodie and are obsessed with the Instagram she posted, showing her wearing the exact same outfit Kim wore to the Givenchy show in Paris yesterday. And to be honest, sporting some pretty similar hair.

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    "Hahahaha when Kim K bases her whole look on one of yours from SEVEN years ago!!!!!!" Jodie captioned her pic. "This is actually the very same outfit only I didn't do mine up all the way (the boobs were too big haha) - I ended up giving this outfit to a charity shop. I kinda wish I kept it now ;-) x x x"

    So, if you're in Brentwood, Essex where Jodie lives, and picked up a bargain Givenchy top you now know Kim Kardashin has it. And that it was once worn by Jodie Marsh.

    And we bet you've been wearing it with that lace bit at the back as well, haven't you?

    Anyway, we asked you a question in the headline, and we want an answer... Who did wear it best?

    Who wore it best?

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