Is The X Factor ALREADY in meltdown following ‘fix’ claims?

Uh-oh. Sorry, Simon

Simon Cowell

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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What is a reality TV show without a bit of controversy, eh? Whether it's Lewis Bloor’s giant dong flapping around for all to see on Celebrity Big Brother, or Love Island's Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde making us believe in true love again, we absolutely LOVE a bit of real-life drama unfolding before our eyes.

But poor old Simon Cowell, the king of talent shows and abnormally high-waisted trousers, might be running low on luck with his telly shows from the sound of things. If it wasn't enough that this year's Britain’s Got Talent had a new 'fix' scandal every week, now The X Factor is facing backlash before it's even started.


According to The Mirror, the show is in 'crisis talks' because a couple of lads who have auditioned (and are supposedly as far as the judges' houses) have been linked to none other than Sinitta, the 80s popstar who is probably better known these days for two things:

a) lounging across Simon's chaise longue and helping him pick the next money making machine. Sorry, we mean popstar.

b) serving up raw meat on Celebrity MasterChef. Twice.

Anyway, the wannabe stars, two brothers known as The Brooks, have apparently been receiving 'preferential treatment' and have their diva shoes firmly tied, but it's leaving the other contestants wondering what they're doing there.

A source told the paper: "Some acts have said,'why bother auditioning when it's clearly a fix?' … [it's] a massive kick in the face to all the other acts."

The X Factor Simon Cowell


Hopefully the rumour mill stops whirring by the time the show starts, because we want to focus all of our attention on Dermot O’Leary’s beautiful face.

Mmm, Dermot.

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