The X Factor is coming back with a MASSIVE twist

Louis Walsh

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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It's almost that time of the year where we have to get REALLY creative with excuses not to go out with our mates at the weekend because we'd rather stay in and watch The X Factor while stuffing our faces with a full Dominoes family order. To ourselves.




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Not only have we got the old gang back – Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, and our favourite talent show baddie who ISN'T even that bad, Simon Cowell – with a nice side serving of Dermot O'Leary, but we also found out that Alesha Dixon would be joining The X Factor fam this year for a bit of guidance on who to put through to the live finals.

The X Factor

And as if we weren't excited enough, we've just found out that there's going to be a twist so evil, so exciting, so damn clever and wonderful that we should probably just warn friends and family now that they won't see us again until Christmas.

Sorry not sorry.

The X Factor bosses have decided that in order to make this the most competitive series to date, they're giving the judges the power to pick acts for EACH OTHER.


The X Factor

How will it work? Well, Sharon, Louis, Nicole and Simon will each be able to select a 'wildcard' act for one of the other judges, meaning that out of the acts headed to the judges houses (the ones who make it past the TERRIFYING chair round), one of those on the bill will not have been chosen by their mentor, but will infact have been dumped off at an earlier round.

Awkward! (We love it)

We're guessing there will be a LOT of tactical game playing going on here, and if Louis has his way we're expecting to see a Jedward 2.0 arriving on our telly screens any time soon, which we're sure you'll all agree would be bloody amazing.

Is it Saturday yet? We'll be watching this jokes teaser video until it is.

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