The X Factor house sounds insane: “4th Impact all use the bathroom AT THE SAME TIME!”

We got the contestants to spill the beans on what goes on inside the secret musical lair


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The X Factor house is a secretive place made of magic and sparkle, with giant statues of Simon Cowell standing guard outside the bedrooms and special ensuite recording studios dotted around. At least, that’s what we thought it would be like…


But when heat spoke to this year’s* X Factor* contestants to find out what their swanky accommodation was like, we still heard a few shockers. Like, did you know there’s an underground swimming pool in there? Plus a cinema, a gym AND an in-house chef employed to cook the singers nommers meals?

Here’s what else we found out from the talented line-up.

Che Chesterman snores REALLY loud

Che: like a tractor, appaz
Che: like a tractor, appaz

“Che snores so loudly, he’s like a tractor,” Sean Miley Moore told us. “One night it was so loud, Mason Noise slept in the bathroom and when Che went in he was like, ‘sorry man’.”

4th Impact always go to the bathroom as a group

“I share a room with 4th Impact, Louisa Johnson and Kiera Weathers and there’s only one bathroom, so there’s a few issues,” says Lauren Murray.

“I don’t know what 4th Impact do in there - they all go in there together. There is a bath and a shower so honestly I don’t know, it’s an experience.”

Turns out the sisters – who came over from the Philippines to perform on the UK X Factor – feel super-shy about being naked in front of the other contestants, so they all troop off together to the bathroom.

“We are very conservative,” the girlband told heat. “When we go to bathroom the [other] girls are walking around naked, and we are like, ‘OMG!’ But it’s normal for them.”

Kiera is DEFINITELY the mum of the house

Kiera: bit of a mum

“She’s the one tidying up after everyone and making sure they’re OK,” Lauren laughingly told us. “Me and Louisa are the messiest.”

Kiera agrees. “I am the mum – ‘anyone want any washing, anyone want a brew?’ – but I think that's just my nature,” she says. “If at some point me and Lauren get split up we will both really will need counselling. We bounce off each other and she's really lovely to be around.”

There are bits of the house that don’t have wi-fi

“Everyone piles in our room because we have the best reception,” reckons Kiera.

Seann Miley Scott: Just works out in his Speedos, as you do

And everyone loves waking up Che

“I’ve been waking up Che all the time when I’m bored,” says Lauren. “I go in their room whenever I want and take their chargers.”

They don’t use the gym the way it was meant to be used…

“I was in the gym with the security guard, in my Speedos and my lipstick and putting on Miley Cyrus really loud,” Sean confesses to us. Not much working out going on then, nah?

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini loves to visit

“Cheryl came by between 3pm and 8pm to eat pizza with us,” say 4th Impact. They admitted they call her their ‘other sister’ in Filipino and say they’re “so obsessed” with her and “mesmerised” by her presence. “She’s a living doll for us – she smells so good,” they add. Bit weird, that.

To find out more from the X Factor house, pick up this week’s heat magazine for the full interview.

X Factor 2015 finalists


X Factor 2015 finalists

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The Boys - Sean Miley Moore

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The Boys - Che Chesterman

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The Overs - Bupsi Brown

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The Overs - Max Stone

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The Girls - Lauren Murray

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The Girls - Keira Weathers

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The Girls - Louisa Johnson

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The Groups - Fourth Impact

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The Groups - Alien Uncovered

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The Groups - Reggie & Bollie

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