You’ll never guess where Caitlyn Jenner keeps her Olympic gold medal…

Cait spills her secrets.


by Chloe Lawrance |
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Imagine you’re a gold medal-winning Olympic decathlete. Where do you keep your medal? Up on the mantelpiece? Framed on the wall? Around your neck at all times so everybody will notice and congratulate you accordingly? Well, if you’re Caitlyn Jenner, the answer is completely unexpected.

The athlete-turned-reality star recently divulged where she keeps her medal, and we think she might be missing out on some first class bragging opportunities tbh.

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As part of an online editorial series for US site People, which aims to connect her with the LGBT community and shed some light on her journey as a transgender woman, Cait revealed she stores her “most prized possession” in er… her make-up drawer.

A little anti-climatic maybe, but there’s some very admirable reasoning behind squirreling it away, as she revealed in the blog post:

“I'm so proud of it. However, I never wanted my kids to feel like they had to have a gold medal in order to be considered a success. I didn't want them to constantly compare their own achievements to my time in the Olympics, so I haven't displayed my medal."

That’s some damn good parenting going on there.

Caitlyn revealed in an accompanying video that her current work as an advocate of the transgender community is just as rewarding as her Olympic win.

Holding up the medal, the 65 year-old said: "I'm very proud of it. That was a great time in my life, but to be honest with you, this is an even greater time in my life right now with what I'm trying to accomplish with this."

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