You’ll never guess where Kanye West fell asleep

We can’t decide if this is awesome of just plain weird

Kanye West

by Georgina Terry |

Life can get pretty dang tiring for Kanye West, what with all the writing music, headlining shows and designing leather jogging bottoms.

So, who can blame the self-styled Yeesuz for grabbing 40 winks whenever he can?

Not us.

Not even if that nap takes place during what looks like a pretty fancy party.

Not even if he falls asleep NEXT TO HIS SLEEPING MOTHER-IN-LAW.

We bet he had quite a start when he woke up.

More news!

Come on, Kanye. Get your life together dude.

Who falls asleep at a Hollywood party?

Who falls asleep when they’re sat next to Kris Jenner?

Maybe it was a really boring party. It doesn’t look as though anyone’s got the shots in or anything.

And who has an all-white dress code? That smacks dangerously of the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie went to a boring party in a beige apartment and was thrown out when the hostess thought she gave mouth sex to a hot waiter.

Or is it just us?

Excuse our meandering; we’re so very tired.

Now, where’s Kris Jenner when you need a shoulder to nap on?


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