YouTube stars Pixiwoo tell us about accidently causing a CHANEL STAMPEDE!

The makeup artist sisters are getting ready for the Stand Up To Cancer YouTube party


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Sam Chapman and Nic Chapman – otherwise known as YouTube stars Pixiwoo – have been making makeup tutorial videos on their channel for seven years, and have more than 1.8 million subscribers, which is why they've been chosen to help put together tomorrow (Saturday 17 October)’s Stand Up To Cancer YouTube party.

We spoke to them about the charity event – and what actually happens when they learn about a favourite product getting discontinued…

Talk us through the Stand Up To Cancer YouTube party – what is it and how do people get involved?

The Stand Up To Cancer YouTube Party is a 12-hour live stream starting from midday, and it’s raising awareness – with elements of fun. It’s 12 YouTubers with an hour each, and in our hour we’re going to be interviewing celebrities; we’ve got Alesha Dixon, Katie Piper, Kimberley Wyatt and Frankie Bridge. We’re going to be getting them to do all sorts of challenges, it’ll be really fun.


You’ve been running the Pixiwoo YouTube channel since 2008 – did you ever imagine it would get this big?***

Never – actually, if we’d known it would grow so big we’d never have done it, just because we’d be too frightened. But it’s happened so gradually that it’s almost like we own it now. We take it in our stride.

Chanel politely asked me to take down an announcement about their Pro Lumiere foundation being discontinued as it had started a stampede!

So how do you become YouTube famous? Any advice for a newbie?

Don’t do it for the fame and the money, because very few people get to be in that position. Start vlogging and blogging about something you care about, something you’ve got plenty to say about, and the audience will come. But if you start out for the wrong reasons, you’re going to be very disappointed.


Have you ever totted up how much you spend on makeup every year?

Oh GOD no! It would be so depressing to work out. We do get sent a lot of products, but we both still love shopping for makeup, just because there’s something really special about choosing your own things and paying for it.

What’s your reaction when one of your faves gets discontinued?

Devastated. But luckily now we have the insight so we’re like, ‘let’s go and buy loads!’. When Chanel finished their Pro Lumiere foundation, I went out and bought about 20 and just had a stockpile. I told my followers then got an email [from Chanel] politely asking if I’d take down my announcement, as I’d started a stampede for Pro Lumiere! It was the same with a Chanel bronzer, they decided they had to bring it back out as I’d said it was my favourite product.

***What’s your all-time can’t-live-without-it product? ***

Definitely my Real Technique brushes. I couldn’t do my makeup without my tools.

The Chapman sisters, AKA Pixiwoo

Do you wear makeup at the weekend, or is it a bit of a faff?***

We’re always caught out in the street without makeup, but actually being on YouTube has given us more confidence – millions of people see us without anything on at the start of our videos.

Pixiwoo will be taking part in the Stand Up To Cancer YouTube Party this Saturday, a unique 12-hour live-streamed event filled with global Google hangouts, challenges, comedy sketches and competitions. All the money raised goes to Stand Up To Cancer, a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to accelerate new cancer treatments and tests and ultimately save lives. To watch or find out how to get involved, visit

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