YouTuber Marina Joyce sparks concern with worrying Facebook post

It's not over…

Marina Joyce

by Polly Foreman |
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The Marina Joyce saga was hands down the strangest news of 2016. We're still SO CONFUSED about what happened.

Back in July, Fans of the YouTuber started fearing for her wellbeing when she uploaded a video in which she appeared to whisper "help me".

It was the first in a series of bizarre posts that were subject to a number of theories on the internet – ranging from drugs to an ISIS hostage situation.

Despite her insistence she was fine, the hashtag #savemarinajoyce started trending worldwide.

In the aftermath, many spectators labelled the whole thing a publicity stunt.

If you missed out on the weirdest few days of the year, you can read the full lowdown of the events here.

And it appears the saga isn't over – as a Facebook post from the YouTuber is sparking fresh concern over her wellbeing.

She opens the alarming post with: "Marina, The Goddess of Love. I wrote on my Twitter that I wanted to be a God like Buddha and that I want people to call me Goddess Marina from now on."

She goes onto describe how she plans to "create a Temple and a Shrine" in Peru where she will be known as "God of the Shrine".

Marina requests that her fans leave comments to explain how she would build the temple, how much money she'd need, and how she could get someone to sculpt a statue for her.

She even asks her fans to earn money in order to invest in her temple – promising them that they'll get money back once it's built.

Marina has replied to many fans who commented with positive messages, but is yet to respond to the increasing number of messages of concern for her health.

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