Zac Efron on being objectified: “I signed up for it”

The boy does love whipping off his top


by Laura Donaldson |
Published on

Zac Efron, he of many a shirtless role, has spoken out the objectification that comes with showing off his body on-screen…and he doesn’t seem that bothered tbh.

The actor told “When it comes to being objectified, I signed up for it. Hopefully I can keep it up for as long as possible, while I’m capable and still young.”

He did admit that he does sometimes question whether it’s really essential for him to strip off saying: ”There are a lot of times when it’s uncomfortable and you say, ‘Is it really necessary for my character to be shirtless in this scene?’”

The 28-year-old revealed that it takes "a lot of good trainers" to keep him in shape and also bemoaned cutting out good food from his diet (hear, hear!)

"There is working out for health and for the ability to climb mountains, swim, surf and be athletic, which is what I like to do, but then there is the movie six pack,” he said.

“That requires a lot of self-discipline. No question you have to change your lifestyle."

"There’s no choice but to become a boring person when you’re getting into that kind of shape, and it sucks," he added.

"Not eating carbohydrates sucks. Hands down, it’s the worst part of all of it."

Well with the way Zac has been parading his Baywatch-remake body around we’d say Zac’s sacrifices have DEFINITELY been worth it. For him. And for us…

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