Zara Holland met the Miss GB replacement and it KICKED OFF


Zara Holland

by Polly Foreman |
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Zara Holland losing her Miss Great Britain crown was hands down the most infuriating celeb story of 2016. This is because it was essentially a celeb story from 1952.

If there's one thing we can't get on board with here at heat, it's a woman being punished for expressing her sexuality.

Earlier today, Zara appeared on Loose Women alongside the new Miss GB Deone Robertson. And they did not get along.

Zara Holland

After being asked why she didn't give her crown back by the panellists, she said: "When I've worked so hard for something why do I want to give it back?"


And new Miss GB looked AWK AF.

Zara Holland

Katie Price then asked Zara if Deone deserved the crown, to which she replied: "But Deone didn't win on the night.

"In my opinion, if it was the other way around and I was in the same situation, I'd say I stand up for women, and I'd stand up."

She then said she wouldn't have taken it if she was in her situation.

To this, Dionne used the classic (and shite) excuse of if she didn't take it someone else would have.

Zara Holland

She recited some silly rules from the Miss Great Britain 16th Century rule book, trying to justify Zara being punished for having sex, and it KICKED OFF.

She said that they (she and the Miss GB bosses from the 1500s) feel that Zara veered off from the Miss Great Britain way of life (we dunno either), and asked her if she even did charity work after the competition.

Zara then shut her down with: "I have, yes."

One of the panellists then asked Deone: "Do you think they should have taken it away from her, to which she replied: "That was the rules unfortunately.

"Having sex on national TV is not OK."

It's 2016, Deone, C'MON.

At this, Zara looked STERN AF.

Zara Holland

She says: "I was so hurt by the situation because I was the last person to find out that they'd de-crowned me. The way that they did it, they rang my mum on the morning of, they said 'don't worry Zara'. They put a statement on Twitter: 'We are not taking your title away from you.'"

We were completely shocked to see that the Loose Women themselves then started attacking her for expressing her sexuality.

One of them even said the words: "Part of the belief about sticking up for women's rights is sticking up for your own decency."

What does that even mean?

When Zara's explained how hard she worked, one of them said: "But why would you put all that at risk by having sex on TV?"

She then completely SHUT EVERYONE DOWN by saying: "If they were so bothered they never should have let me go on Love Island in the first place."


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