Zayn Malik blasts fans for accusing him of being racist

After he jumped to Gigi's defence

Zayn and Taylor

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Gigi Hadid recently caused a bit of a stir when she posed with what appeared to be a Buddha cookie for a picture that was posted on her sister, Bella Hadid's Instagram story.

After several fans saw the images, they were quick to criticise Gigi on Twitter, accusing her of mocking people from Asian descent.

One fan even got Gigi's boyf, Zayn Malik involved, and wrote: "@zaynmalik being of Asian descent, how do you feel about your girlfriend making fun of Asian people?"

Zayn twitter

Prompting Zayn to step in and just be the boyfriend we all hope and dream for (curse you Gigi and your ridiculous #couplegoals). Jumping to Gigi's defence, Zayn replied: "trust me…she likes asians ;)"

Zayn Twitter



Zayn and Gigi

Unfortunately, several of Zayn's fans were not quite so impressed with his heroic gesture and even criticised him for being 'ignorant'.

One fan commented: " @zaynmalik I'm telling you this for your own sake bc it's 2017 and a time of peril for a lot of people and you can't afford to be ignorant [sic]"

Zayn then hit back at Twitter users accusing him of being ignorant, writing: " People's nerve to call me ignorant, when any chance they get I'm a terrorist!! to be a racist goes against my very existence.."

Zayn twitter

He also added: "So please don't try to educate me."

Zayn twitter

Tell'em Zayn.

The former One Direction singer also recently hit back at the haters who claimed he'd never make it in the music business.

Taking to Twitter, Zayn admitted: "I recall someone saying to me a while back music wasn't my thing and maybe I should try something else.."

Obviously, at this point, he was met with loads of support from fans along the lines of 'give me their location. imma beat their ass up' (and the equally-brilliant 'try porn'); before he added: "I guess we're all good at doing things we shouldn't ..." finished off with a laughing-crying emoji and thumbs up.

Classic Slay-n Malik…(SOZ)


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