Zayn Malik creates new Instagram: Fans lose their sh*t

Zayn’s got a new Instagram account and some people can’t cope


by Ellie Henman |
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So we all know Zayn Malik is going through a few changes at the moment. He left the biggest boyband in the world, allegedly dumped his hot pop-star girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, over text and is now trying to carve out a new career.

His every movement is scrutinised by his fans and when he decided to change his Instagram handle – all hell broke loose.

Has he deleted all traces of Perrie Edwards from his life, cried fans. Are all the BEST hot Zayn snaps gone forever, others asked…

No, they’re all still there (although according to his @niazkilam account it’s been 49 weeks since he last posted a picture) but he’s now got a shiny new account too.

Showing off his rather sultry, topless selfie for Interview, the singer posted a photograph of his cover under his new @zayn handle alongside the caption: “Check out my cover of @interviewmag's September issue.”

Hardly much to write home about.

But when he shared his new account on Twitter, fans went wild after he wrote next to the picture: “#ImComing”.

Now, they didn’t go wild for all the wrong reasons. Instead, they all stated to wonder if Zayn had, in fact, just released the title of his first solo single. HAS HE? We still have no idea – but as soon as we find out we’ll let you know.

Until then…Zayn’s biggest fans will be overjoyed he’s broken his 13 day Twitter silence and bereft that he’s finally moving on. And leaving them all hanging with that cryptic hashtag....


Zayn Maliku2019s hair story from 2010 – 2014

ZAYNOCT20101 of 18


October 2010: Fluffy and bouffant



November 2010: Well he was following the crowd..

ZAYNMARCH20113 of 18


March 2011: Fast forward four months and Zayn's far more styled

ZAYNOCT20114 of 18


October 2011: We have NO idea what's going on now

ZAYNFEB20125 of 18


February 2012: Luckily a hair-stylist took pity and got his barnet back under control. Also: FACIAL HAIR ALERT.

ZAYNAPRIL20126 of 18


April 2012: Zayn's trademark quiff is back and the stubble is growing nicely

ZAYNSEPT20127 of 18


September 2012: Oo-er, Zayn's dipped his quiff in bleach

ZAYNNOV20128 of 18


November 2012: Zayn's come over all Cruella

ZAYNNOV201229 of 18


November 2012: We think it may be growing on us...

ZAYNFEB201310 of 18


February 2013: PHEW - Zayn's lost his bleached streak. We bet his mum had a word over Christmas.

ZAYNAPRIL201311 of 18


April 2013: The quiff is higher and the five o'clock shadow is back - hello SEXY Zayn

ZAYNAUGUST201312 of 18


August 2013: Zayn's lopped it all off, bar his little beard

ZAYNNOV313 of 18


November 2013: The quiff is BACK and the beard is better than ever

ZAYNMAY201414 of 18


May 2014: A bushier style for spring...

ZAYNJULY201415 of 18


July 2014: Zayn lets his quiff down for the night

ZAYNSEPT201416 of 18


September 2014: Zayn's trying out a Harry Styles side-swept-style

ZAYNOCTOBER201417 of 18


October 2014: Zayn tries out the braided, pulled back look

ZAYN22218 of 18


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