Zayn Malik favourites a sexy picture of Kylie Jenner!

How dare he?!

by Maria Vallahis |
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We know Zayn Malik is now single but there has GOT to be some ex-relationship code for parading around liking other girls pictures, when you've just gone through a very public split from your fiancée.

The former One Direction member, who reportedly split up with Little Mix star Perrie Edwards two weeks ago, just liked a VERY sexy picture of Kylie Jenner on Twitter - for all his 15 million followers to see.

It wouldn't be so bad if Zayn had a lot of favourites, but he's only got 10 (including Kylie's).

Plus scroll by TWO of Zayn's favourites and you'll find a fan's tweet he's liked of himself and Perrie Edwards, which makes the situation more awks.


No wonder Perrie is said to be livid right now – turns out Zayn dumped her with a single TEXT.

Zayn favourites Kylie's tweet.

According to The Sun, Zayn hasn't even spoken to Perrie after doing the deed a couple of weeks ago.

Can we brand him a love rat yet? It feels like it's getting to that point.

Just before Zayn ended their he whisked her off for a surprise birthday trip. Hence why Perrie’s livid.

Especially because the pair have just bought a £3million mansion in North London together.

Two favourites after Kylie's, Zayn has liked THIS.

A pal told the newspaper: “To say Perrie is fuming is an understatement. She’s absolutely livid.

“After all she’s been through. She’s stuck by him and been his rock — and this is how she’s been repaid.

“Perrie thought the relationship was the best it’s ever been, so to split up now is really hard to take."

Ouch and now this favouriting picture malarkey. Sort it out Zayn.

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