Zayn Malik makes us dizzy in EPIC new music video

With love/because there's a lot of spinning

Zayn Malik

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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He’s moody, makes us broody, and we sometimes think of him in the nudey. And now Zayn Malik has dropped his latest music video and we almost did an excited wee.

It’s the second most exciting thing to happen so far today – the first being the chance to oggle Lewis Bloor’s terrifyingly humongous willy – obviously.

Zayn, the Bradford boy of our hearts with a catalogue of HAWT hairstyles to rival David Beckham, has collaborated with Snakehips for the track Cruel which we’ve already got on repeat. It’s so freakin’ catchy.

And he’s so chill in it you’d never think that Simon Cowell is apparently set to drop him from his label, Syco.

In what can only be described as three minutes and ten seconds of blissful Zayn perving, we get to see the ex-Directioner sauntering around like the moody beauty that he is.

Zayn Malik

He’s caught watching SIX tellys in his neon front room (think of the electricity bill, Zayn), then he’s ON loads of tellys while some people in dim corridors do some Thriller-esque moves, and THEN someone must be playing with the aerial because he starts blipping and doing that slow-mo ‘am-I-even-real-though’ thing from Pillowtalk.

Which we LOVE because it makes him look like a beautiful rippling water man.

Then shit starts to get really cray when the camera starts spinning and you get flashbacks to the first time you went to Thorpe Park and thought you were brave enough to get on Colossus.

So if you can keep up with him being on a telly on a telly on a telly, and you don’t get dizzy easily, watch it NOW.

Even if it’s only for that deliciously stubbly jaw.

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