Zayn Malik’s new statue needs to be seen to be believed


Zayn Malik

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We don't know what's more alarming – the fact that someone deemed it prudent to commission an actual statue of Zayn Malk, the fact it was made OUT OF SAND, or the fact that the person they chose to build it seems to have no idea what Zayn looks like.


TBF – it would be pretty darn tricky to make a true to life sandy Zayn, and this one's probably the best anyone could have hoped for under the circumstances.

The statue was built to honour Zayn in his hometown of Bradford, and his mum Trisha Malik was there for the unveiling.

We imagine she was very confused.

Scott Mills uploaded the pic of the statue, and subsequently got bombarded by tweets from people dyin' at its likeness to that talking head from Art Attack.


Most people seemed distinctly unimpressed, with one saying: "@scott_mills @zaynmalik I hope they kept the receipt."

Some even pointed out its likeness to CHRISTOPHER MALONEY.

One said: "scott_mills @zaynmalik aaaaahahaha! Christopher Maloney!", and another: "hahaha it is actually Christopher Maloney."

But we imagine Zayn has very few f*cks to give about his silly statue, given that he's apparently embarking on a shiny new Hollywood career.

He's said to be going to be executive producer of name of show (which is made by the creators of Entourage – fancy!).

A source told The Sun: "This is a big deal for Zayn. He has been keen to get stuck into different projects outside of music and this is the perfect move.

"It’s a subject he knows lots about and he will call upon his experiences to advise the scriptwriters on the show."

This show sounds like it’s going to be rilly great, NGL…

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