Is Zayn Malik planning to get a new tattoo on his HEAD?

Sounds painful...

Zayn Malik

by Owen Tonks |

It’s no secret Zayn Malik is a big fan of tattoos – he has roughly 45 splodges of ink spread all over his body.

But the former One Direction star is reportedly planning on getting another new one... on his head.

The singer plans to have some body art etched into the skin on the back of his head to honour his mum.

Zayn’s mother’s name is Trisha and so he is apparently thinking of getting a massive T to represent her first initial.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Zayn prides himself on all his body art being 100% unique and likes to have meaning behind it.”

The star is also apparently hoping to get another new tattoo on his kneecap.

And where does he plan to have this all done? In sunny California! Zayn is currently renting a home in Bel Air while he works on new music.

He is said to be looking at places so he can invest some of his money in property and be close to the A-list R’n’B crowd.

Good luck, Zayn...

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Zayn Maliku2019s hair story from 2010 – 2014

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October 2010: Fluffy and bouffant

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November 2010: Well he was following the crowd..

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March 2011: Fast forward four months and Zayn's far more styled

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October 2011: We have NO idea what's going on now

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February 2012: Luckily a hair-stylist took pity and got his barnet back under control. Also: FACIAL HAIR ALERT.

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April 2012: Zayn's trademark quiff is back and the stubble is growing nicely

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September 2012: Oo-er, Zayn's dipped his quiff in bleach

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November 2012: Zayn's come over all Cruella

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November 2012: We think it may be growing on us...

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February 2013: PHEW - Zayn's lost his bleached streak. We bet his mum had a word over Christmas.

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April 2013: The quiff is higher and the five o'clock shadow is back - hello SEXY Zayn

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August 2013: Zayn's lopped it all off, bar his little beard

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November 2013: The quiff is BACK and the beard is better than ever

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May 2014: A bushier style for spring...

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July 2014: Zayn lets his quiff down for the night

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September 2014: Zayn's trying out a Harry Styles side-swept-style

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October 2014: Zayn tries out the braided, pulled back look

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