Has Zayn Malik had his tattoo of his Perrie Edwards removed?

Probably for the best, TBH

Zayn Malik

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We at heat have noticed a fair few celebrities could do with a day spent on the sofa watching Tattoo Fixers. They just KEEP getting inks of their partners' names (who then become ex partners), and just never learn what a terrible idea it is.

We have just about stopped reeling from the news that Chantelle Connelly got her boyfriend Tommy Sayers' name tattooed on her NECK a few days before he dumped her via the medium of Facebook. Luckily for Chantelle they're back together. For now.

One person who also didn't get the memo re terrible tattoo ideas is Zayn Malik, who had a massive illustration of his ex Perrie Edwards on his right arm.

But it now looks like he's actually been to see Sketch and the Tattoo Fixers crew (will he be gracing our screens imminently?), as it's seemingly been covered up.

The original tattoo took up most of the front of his bicep, but that area now seems to be just basically black ink. Classic cover up.

In a picture his girlfriend Gigi Hadid posted to Snapchat, Zayn is seen apparently cooking her dinner (goals), and the top of his arm almost blends into his black t-shirt. Edgy.

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards tattoo

We're guessing he's probably trying to get a fresh start for his BRAND. NEW. HOLLYWOOD. CAREER.

Zayn has reportedly landed the role of executive producer of a show about a fictional boyband (playing to his strengths, eh?).

A source told The Sun: "This is a big deal for Zayn. He has been keen to get stuck into different projects outside of music and this is the perfect move.

"It’s a subject he knows lots about and he will call upon his experiences to advise the scriptwriters on the show."

AND he's got an Instagram twin!

Safe to say things are going preeeetty swimmgingly for Zayn RN.

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