Did Zooey Deschanel accidentally break a horse?

The New Girl star is accused of riding a horse so hard it came back "a shell" of its original horsey self


by Emmeline Saunders |

Weird news from across the pond time now, and Zooey Deschanel is being sued for breaking a horse.

The New Girl star allegedly rode a horse so hard it got returned to its owner a SHELL of its former happy-go-lucky self – and the owner wants some cold, hard cash as compensation.

It all started when Zooey, 34, ponied up (soz) $13,000 last year to lease the show horse so she could take part in her beloved equestrian events.

But the horse's owner, Patty Parker, allegedly asked her to sign a contract that included restrictions like, "no more than three jumping lessons per week".

However, TMZ now claim Patty has filed a suit saying when Zooey returned her horse – real name Literati (yep) – he was left "injured and unusable".

She's now insisting Zooey pays for the medical treatment of the horse, but it's not yet known whether the Hollywood actress agrees with Patty's side of the story or whether she'll contest the case in court.

Speak up Zooey, we can't hear you! Or is that because you're going a little DRUMROLL PLEASE hoarse?

We'll get our coat.

Before the stylist: Zooey Deschanel


Before the stylist: Zooey Deschanel

17th October 2001
1 of 21

So this is what Zooey's character Jess will look like after another 20 years of school teaching...

1st July 2002
2 of 21

It's amazing what you can pick up in charity shops these days

14th October 2002
3 of 21

Are those halter straps meant to be part of Zooey's dress? Or are they leading to a pleather backpack?

13th May 2003
4 of 21

Been raiding the theatre's costume cupboard have we?

17th November 2011
5 of 21

Gorgeous frock but THOSE SHOES!

22nd January 2011
6 of 21

Remember those laundry baskets you had at uni which folded up and sprang back open into a hoop? Well this is what this dress was inspired by, apparently

12th December 2010
7 of 21

All a wee bit too funereal for our liking

28th November 2006
8 of 21

Did Momma Deschanel lend Zo this dress for the party?

20th August 2006
9 of 21

Looking back, Zooey REALLY wished the Teen Choice Awards had been Red Riding Hood themed

10th August 2006
10 of 21

Those pesky moths have been chewing away at Zooey's dress, we see

11th September 2006
11 of 21

Someone's still in the rebellious Sixth Former phase

1st June 2006
12 of 21

Even the coyest of looks won't convince us this outfit is cute, Zo

2nd July 2006
13 of 21

This would all be very sweet and all. If it was for an OAP

11th April 2006
14 of 21

Is that a child's smock? Don't even get us started on those tights...

4th March 2006
15 of 21

Auditioning for Austin Powers, Zooey?

16th March 2006
16 of 21

Teal tights + red knee-high boots. Really?

18th March 2006
17 of 21

Those old drapes turned into a lovely dress, didn't they?

18th October 2004
18 of 21

Maybe this ensemble would be acceptable if Zooey was campaigning to be a MP

5th January 2006
19 of 21

Where did the addition of black rope come in?

12th January 2006
20 of 21

In this case, less is definitely more on the old accessories front

29th February 2004
21 of 21

Air hostess, we don't like the way you dress

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