Big Brother’s Gemma Collins: a look back at her iconic moments

She's an icon, she's legend, Gemma Collins is the moment

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Celebrity Big Brother 17 became one of the most culturally impactful seasons in British television history.

The season had some of the funniest personalities, greatest one-liners and just overall amazing humour. If you can't remember, the 2016 series featured Megan McKenna, Tiffany Pollack, Geordie Shore's Scotty T and X Factor's Christopher Malone.

However, the person who stood out the most was the lady, the myth, the legend - Gemma Collins.

From her unwillingness to participate in tasks to her infamous feud with Tiffany over shoes, Gemma quickly became one of the most iconic housemates ever.

So, we've had a look at Gemma‘s most memorable moments...

Straighteners are for weirdos

If there’s one thing this reality TV starlet is known for, it was her dramatic and over-the-top diary room confessions on the Big Brother show. One instance that springs to mind was the debacle over hair straighteners. Unfortunately for The GC, she was unable to have access to her usual heated hair rollers, which is what she needs for her extensions, the result?

A diva meltdown.

Gemma complained about her hair looking frazzled in the diary room and her memorable “Straighteners are what f***ing weirdos use on their hair” line is one for the books.


When Gemma entered the Big Brother house, she decided to give Tiffany a pair of Dolce and Gabbana heels for her birthday. However following Tiff's meltdown, where she thought David Gest had died, Gemma revealed that she wanted her shoes back and then took them back.

It all came to light during the next task when Big Brother played a recording of Gemma saying she wanted her shoes back came up and it's safe to say that things kicked off...

Gemma and Jonathan's friendship

From shared laughs to candid conversations, Gemma and (Kardashian bestie) Jonathan Cheban's camaraderie provided moments of genuine companionship that stood out amidst the intensity of the Big Brother drama.

And it turns our they're still pals because he even appeared on TOWIE...

Tasks trials and tribulations

When it comes to our girl Gemma, there’s one thing that stands out without a doubt: her distinct aversion to tasks. From the moment she stepped into the Big Brother house, it was clear that Gemma had an almost legendary disdain for participating in tasks and group activities.

While her fellow housemates might have eagerly embraced the challenges, Gemma’s reluctance was nothing short of iconic. Whether it was a seemingly innocent team endeavour or a quirky challenge, Gemma’s reactions were nothing less than a masterclass in unfiltered candidness.

Who peed?

When Gemma was a surprise guest on Big Brother 2017, she had the misfortune of being peed on by Chanelle McCleary.

It was not only the most talked about incident on the show that week but Gemma‘s reaction was priceless.

What a softie

As emotional as Gemma may be throughout Big Brother, it doesn’t come from nowhere. She is genuinely a sweetheart.

Big Brother fans watched Gemma break down in tears when Jonathan left the house.

Gemma's one liners

Let’s never forget the undeniable truth – Gemma’s time in the Big Brother house was nothing short of top tier television. Her journey was a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and of course, those unforgettable one-liners that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Exhibit A: "I've never seen gruel in my life. I thought it was made up from the Oliver Twist film."

Exhibit B: "Nah I don't want to play any more games. I'm f--king gamed out."


Exhibit D: "Get that fire exit door. I'm off."

Exhibit E: "Gemma! You silly c--t."

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