Who is Alex Beattie? The Love Island star who’s won over Montana

Spoiler alert: he’s really, really fit.


by Georgia Foxwell |
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He’s the knight in shining muscles that swooped into the island amongst the sea of other tanned, toned potential new recruits and swept Montana off her feet. Since answering Montana’s prayers for a fitty she actually fancies, they’ve enjoyed a steamy night in the Hideaway together and he could now even be in the running to win the show?!

Oh, what a difference five days can make.

And now that our BFF Montana has a new man in her life, we really ought to read up on him so that we’re prepared for when they leave the villa hang out with us every day.

They just don’t know it yet. Buzzin.

So, WHO is Alex Beattie?

Al is a personal trainer. WE KNOW, so, apparently is every guy ever, but it turns out Alex is a reeeeeally good one. He came seventh in the WHOLE country in a Junior Men’s physique competition. A competitive streak, eh? We will bear this in mind.

How old is Alex Beattie?

At the time of writing, Alex is 22.

When he isn’t livin’ it up on the island, where does Alex Beattie live?

He’s from Newcastle. And as a Geordie, he’s in with a winning chance, Montana has always said her biggest turn-on is an accent, anything Northern, her ex was a Mancunian!

What is his type (on and off paper)?

He says his celebrity crushes are Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. Both strong choices Alex.

Anything he isn’t to attracted to?

Sorry to break it to you gals and guys, but blondes. He also doesn’t dig fakery- both in personality and looks wise.

But they aren’t a patch on Mon, right?

He also says he prefers who girls who don’t wear any make-up…We’re wondering if he has ever watched the show before.

What would his exes have to say about him?

Obviously, PT’s are renowned for their modesty, so naturally Alex says that ‘they probably wouldn’t have a bad word to say about me. The big issues normally come from their side, not mine.’

We believe you hun.

He does however claim to be incredibly loyal, which is exactly what we want to hear if he’s going to be in it with Montana for the long haul. A loyal, muscular champ.

What are Alex Beattie's favourite hobbies?

Judging from his Instagram, when he isn’t pounding the gym, he likes to lounge in moody lighting in nothing but his Calvin’s.

And we are not complaining. One. Bit.

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