Love Island podcaster Arielle Free shares her JUICY predictions for this year’s show


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Arielle Free, the official Love Island: The Morning After podcaster (along with last year's winner Kem), has exclusively revealed her predictions for this year's show. VERY interesting indeed....

Who do you think is a good couple?

"Jack and Dani would be the obvious answer, but I’m kind of rooting for Samira and Alex to start flirting and potentially find love in each other."

Who would you like to see coupled up?

"I’d like to see Hayley find someone. I love how up front, honest and unashamedly she keeps forgetting Eyal's name 😂. I could’ve seen Eyal and Kendall together so I was sad to see Kendall go. I hope she finds a lovely guy who will treat her like the queen she is."

Who do you think will clash and argue?

"I think Georgia is quite feisty and I can see Rosie pulling up Adam's players attitude. He likes to keep his options open clearly, but I see Rosie not letting him do this and calling him out on his bad boy behaviour."

What are your initial thoughts on the Love Islanders?

"I think Dani has won the nations hearts already, although some people have told me they find her annoying.

"I want to see more of Wes as I think he could be great banter, and I’d love it for Alex to get a bit drunk and let loose a bit.

"Samira is really sweet and I think she likes to give off a fiesty persona. but actually I think she really wants to meet someone. Adam is a classic snake and Niall is just jokes.

"I don’t think there will be many arguments but I’m looking forward to seeing who manages to get a cheeky session in under the bedsheets! Ha ha!"

Who’s your fav Love Islander so far?

"Hayley. I love her chat, I love her honesty and she is outrageously beautiful! I’m partial to a scouser so maybe I’m being a bit biased but love her! She’s so entertaining."

Who do you think will have the best bromance (and will anyone beat Chris and Kem)?

"Hmmmmm this is a hard one. Chris and Kem’s bromance was so unexpected but totally stole the show last series. I don’t think anyone could compete with that. But you never know!"

Who do you predict will be the snake of the group?

"Adam. He’s that typical guy that would text you at 4am asking. ‘U up?’ I much prefer a guy to be a bit more of a gentleman and respect. Jack is a good example of this!"

Who would you like to be stuck in the villa with?

"Ha ha!!! I’m not sure. Jack would be lolz, I’ve yet to find any of the boys my type on paper. I’m quite fussy."

Who do you think has the best chat?

"Dani. Some of her one liners are priceless. She said something like 'Ma nut was spinning' which I think means her head was all over the place!"

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