Chris Hughes’ BASEBALL BAT PENIS sends Love Island girls and viewers wild

Chris Hughes Love Island

by Owen Tonks |
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The residents of the Love Island villa are going to find it tough getting some privacy living in such close quarters to one another and being watched by literally ZILLIONS of cameras every minute of the day.

Chris Hughes found out exactly what this felt like in scenes that were aired in Friday night’s episode.

The reality star was simply trying to take a relaxing, cooling shower, but his lady friend Olivia Attwood and her pals had very different ideas - they made it their mission to take a look at his big ol’ willy.

Chris Hughes penis Love Island

And BIG it apparently is as it’s said to be the size of a BASEBALL BAT.

Olivia started off the investigation into his member by taking a look as he stripped down to his underwear ahead of his shower.

But when she caught a glimpse of his not-so-little pal it proved far too much, with her exclaiming: “I can’t even look at that, it makes me feel sick!”

Camilla asked what Liv’s problem was, prompting her to expand: “The size of his dick is not actually normal.”

But this didn’t put the other girls off who promptly made their way over to the bathroom in a giggly fashion to take a look for themselves.

Olivia Love Island

Chris was more than happy to help them out and flashed them, exclaiming: “It’s not even hard either!”

Olivia, who is showing interest in Chris again after her brief fling with fellow islander Mike Thalassitis, squealed: “It looks like a baseball bat!”, before telling the other girls to “pray for Liv”.

But it wasn’t just the girls who were all hot under the collar over Chris’s bat as viewers jumped onto the interweb to express their views on what was going on.

Some joined in the delight:

But not everyone was totally impressed:

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at 9pm.


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