Everyone is mocking Jonny as he takes CHYNA ELLIS on a budget holiday

He wastes no time, does he...


by Aimee Jakes |
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Ex Love Islander Jonny Mitchell proves you don't need a villa, twerking challenges and your mates shouting 'I'VE GOT A TEXT' to find love this summer. Oh no. All you need is drive, commitment and a Ryanair plane ticket.

Chyna love island

'The secret millionaire' (lolz) has admitted he has been seeing Chyna Ellis since he was dumped from the Island last week and snogged her at an aftershow party.

Jonny has since uploaded a picture of Chyna and him indulging in a plane selfie (plefie?) and captioned the photo with a few plane emojis. PLANE AF. (Get it? GET IT?!)

Jonny Mitchell

Fans were quick to point out that a Ryanair economy flight is miles away from the zillionaire life Jonny had boasted about o his Instagram before entering the villa.

Exibit A:

Jonny Mitchell

Exibit B:

Jonny Mitchell

Where is your private jet Jonny m8!

Maybe his #spon #ad's Instagram posts hasn't come through yet and a economy flight and some coconut water is just fine. GOD.

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