Katherine Ryan reveals her Love Island faves

And poses up a right storm for TK Maxx

Katherine Ryan

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As a professional funny person, Katherine Ryan isn’t shy in roasting our favourite celebs – and we love her for it. So her latest campaign for TK Maxx, which sees her recreating some of the most boastful moments in A-list history, is well up our alley…especially since we’ve used the opportunity to quiz the comedian on subjects that really matter today. Like the Kardashians. And Love Island.

Do you think we should all be a bit more boastful?

Yeah, I don’t mind Instagram selfies – I get inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s homewares. I like it when she brags about her house.

Katherine Ryan
©TK Maxx

Your campaign is all about encouraging us to be more boastful. What made you get involved?

I thought it was fun. British sensibilities for a while were very “anti-bragging” – that’s changing with social media and Kanye West. His whole Messiah complex – it’s well deserved. The more eccentric the celebrity, the happier I am.

Who else do you like to follow on social media?

I really just love Kris Jenner and the Kardashians in general – they didn’t create this culture of selfies and luxury, but they just flourished in it. I really like that they’re a strong group of sisters. There’s a lot of anti-Kardashian attitude, but they’re not hurting anyone! They’re just trying to sell a lip kit - I like it. And I love Vicky Pattison, she’s a girl’s girl. I enjoy that she’s powerful in her body image, I like the transformation.

What do you think about reality TV stars flogging things on Instagram?

Why shouldn’t a celeb with a social media outreach sell something to you? If I follow Blac Chyna, I’m already probably someone who wants to buy a waist trainer.

For the campaign, you’ve recreated famous bragging moments of celeb history. Who did you like to imitate?

I loved being Freddie Mercury and Marilyn Monroe – you know, one of the most feminine, beautiful people in the world. I did not look like Marilyn Monroe the way that sometimes I think in my head I look like her, but hopefully I gave a comedic spin on it.

You appeared on Love Island Aftersun last weekend! Are you as obsessed as us?

I love it! Love Island is my favourite show – it just transcends all viewership. It’s not just 18 year olds in bikini watching it, we talk about it on the school run. It was cool to meet them in the flesh – they’re so sweet and young.

Are Dom and Jess the real deal?

I wondered myself – but on Aftersun he was kissing her and grabbing her bum off camera.

Who do you want to win?

Gabby and Marcel – Marcel is the hope of the future. He is the best man in reality TV that I have ever seen – when you’ve got people like Jonny who don’t believe in feminism, I need to have redeemable adult characters like Marcel to bring me back and give me an excuse to watch the show and not be missing a single episode. I have really loved Camilla from the start - I want to believe that a nice, accomplished woman can find love on Love Island. When she and Jamie had a little shy kiss, it was intense for me and no one was even naked.

Katherine Ryan
©TK Maxx

Katherine Ryan has recreated some of the most iconic bragging images of all time for TK Maxx's Ridiculous Possibilities campaign.

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