You NEED to see Love Island bombshell Lacey Edwards in showgirl mode because WOW 😱 🔥

She's the latest Love Island 2022 bombshell to enter the villa

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On Wednesday night, four new bombshells entered the Love Island villa, ready to stir the pot and one of them was Lacey Edwards.

Love Island viewers have seen Lacey and Deji Adeniyi hit it off but outside the villa it seems she's living the lavish life - from posting herself jetting off on holiday to her iconic dance outfits when she is ready to perform.

We can't wait to hopefully see Lacey and Deji couple up but meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about the dancer and showgirl...

How old is Lacey Edwards?

Lacey is 25 years old.

What is Lacey Edwards' job?

Outside of the Love Island villa, Lacey is actually a showgirl and viewers will know that she performs at the third biggest show in Europe - she casually dropped it during her date with Deji.

Sorry but look how incredible her outfit is in the Instagram video below... Obsessed.

Why is Lacey on Love Island?

Now we know, most Islanders go on Love Island for the Instagram followers and work opportunities but Lacey revealed it was actually her friend who persuaded her to go on the show.

“I’ve been dancing all over the world since I was 18 when I moved to France, I recently came to one of the ends of my contracts in France and I was like I am really ready to meet someone and my friends were like why haven’t you applied for Love Island before you’re literally perfect for it," she admitted.

What will Lacey be like in the villa?

Lacey is certain she will bring all her confidence, even stating “I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention.”

What is it about Lacey that makes her girlfriend-material?

Despite admitting that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend during a date with Deji, Lacey reckons she's a good girlfriend because she has a “heart of gold”.

“My love language is acts of service, I like to do things for people vice versa. I am a really positive person, I always see the glass half full so I always give that to my partner.”

What is Lacey's dating life like in real life?

Because of her busy dancing career, Lacey's admitted that it's hard to sustain a relationship, “I’ve been so busy dancing all over the world, I go out in London a lot but I can never date because I am always back in France the next morning.”

How would Lacey’s family and friends describe her?

Lacey’s family describe her as “funny, bubbly and positive.”

If Lacey had one chance to impress someone, what would she do?

Our latest bombshell states that she would “just talk to someone.”

She went on to say, “I’ve got really, really good chat and they would be able to see my personality through that. I might show them my party trick, we will have to see about that.”

Is she competitive? How does she feel about treading on toes?

Being so used to the competitive aspect of life because of her constant dance competitions, she was completely honest when asked, “I am definitely competitive, probably too much even at mini golf. I’ve grown up at auditions with a thousand girls competing for five places and if you don’t want it and you’re not competitive, there’s no point showing up.

Lacey later adds, “There’s no problem with stepping on toes, I am a dancer, I can avoid them...”

What gives Lacey the ick?

Lacey is big on people who are disrespectful towards hospitality staff. She admitted, “I just think who do you think you are!"

She's also not a fan of people who don’t like dogs, music and have no sense of humour.

What is Lacey's Instagram?

If you fancy following Lacey on Instagram you can - @layedwards.

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