LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Olivia and Chris break up?!?!

Liv and Chris

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Corrr, tonight's episode looks LIT.

Georgia has come in and stolen Kem from underneath Amber's nose, for her to throw a massive strop and snipe, 'Erm, who is this girl trying to steal my boyfriend?!?!'There is a Theo/Tyla/Jonny triangle which is sharper than Katie Price's manicure and a romance blossoming between Camilla and a Calvin Klein model.

You know where we will be at 9pm tonight and it will definitely involve Snack A Jacks.

However, there will be another relationship thrust onto our tv screens tonight, as Olivia and Chris question their compatibility.

Liv tells Chris during a couples brunch, 'I feel in general that you don’t like that I’m loud, the way that I speak, the way that I dress, that’s how I feel Chris.'

Chris then replies, 'I’m telling you, if that is the way I make you feel, if you feel like it’s me who is dragging you back or holding you back or if you feel like you’re acting differently around me then you can’t be with me.'

'You need to do it for yourself. As much as that hurts. I want you to be happy and if you’re telling me that when you’re around me, you can’t be you then that is rubbish.'

Oh you guys :( :( :(

In the Beach Hut, Chris talks about things not being quite right between him and Olivia: ;Emotionally it is draining… I am quite a laid back character when it comes to it and I know I’ve got this personality to me but deep down I am a sensitive guy myself and emotionally things can build up and it is tough to deal with it.'

Liv and Chris

Chris then gets v. emotional and cries a bit.

We don't really know what to say, apart from, we're like a polar bear too? Maybe? Make sure you venture in tonights episode with a box of kleenex, because it's gonna be TOUGH.

Liv and Chris

(But, so brilliant it hurts.)

Make sure you watch Love Island tonight 9pm on ITV

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