10 reasons Montana Brown from Love Island is literally all of us

She's relatable AF.

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So, on Tuesday in a shock twist which surprised absolutely nobody, Montana Brown was voted the public's favourite Islander along with her bestie, Marcel Sommerville.

And it's not hard to see why Mon has captured the hearts of the nation. Whether she's shamelessly dishing out home truths, slapping sudocrem on her face or being dumped by a dickhead, the truth of the matter is that Montana's Love Island experience has been about as relatable as it gets…and now we can't help but see a bit of ourselves in her.

But what exactly is it that makes everyone's favourite Islander so normal?

She can eat for England

So you might have missed it (how?) but Montana likes a snack. To be honest, who bloody doesn't?

And when we're watching bikini clad ladies strutting around the Love Island villa every evening for seven weeks, it's helllla refreshing to see that at least one of them appears to be enjoying the all-inclusive food they're being provided, because we know that we sure as hell would be!

Did you catch Jessica Shears reveal that Montana once ate 14 slices of toast in a day?! LOL. That's us every day of the week, truth be told...

You can read more about that here.

She is the QUEEN of sharing TMI

Whether she's comparing Alex Beattie's package to an "elephant's trunk", or talking about how he "slithered on down…" in the hideaway, there's nothing that's too much information for Montana to share.

But hey, why beat around the bush? When we have juicy gossip we want to tell our pals EVERYTHING, and we can always count on Montana to spill the beans - graphic similes and all.

She LIVES for the dramz

Did you see the absolute GLEE on Montana's face when the post card from Casa Amor slipped under the door? Or when Liv Attwood, Mike Thalassitis and Chloe Crowhurst were having an argument, and she just casually ate her cereal and observed…

Much like every self-respecting individual, our fave housemate loves a bit of drama. So much so, that it sometimes feels like she's on the outside watching the programme with us, rather than actually taking part.

montana brown

She got a BIT too keen with Dom (we've all been there, hun)

We've all been in that situation before where we're a littttle bit too over excited about the person we're dating. We rave about them to everyone, we flirt up a storm and we send one (or maybe ten) too many text messages.

So when Montana snuck into the shower to show off her skimpy thong to Dom, we knew EXACTLY what she was up to. In fact, to tell you the truth, we were screaming at the TV, "you claim your man, Mon!"

montana dom

After all, on Love Island, the pressure to find yourself a partner must be astronomical… you never know when there's gonna be a recoupling and you don't wanna be left to get boot. So if we thought that Jess was about to steal our man we'd be going seriously OTT too, lets be honest.

She's says EXACTLY what she's thinking

We don't know about you, but here at heat hq we have absolutely NO TIME for fakery. And we still think some of the Islanders are trying a little too hard to be each other's best friends. They're tip-toing around each other and then bitching about people as soon as their backs are turned…but Montana is never one to hold back when it comes to dishing out home truths.

montana brown

Remember when she told Chris Hughes he wasn't tall dark and handsome?! Or when she informed Sam Gowland he needs to work on his kissing technique? Or perhaps you'll recollect when she straight up confronted Jess on their spa day for being bitchy towards her after Dom-gate?!

Uh huh, honey...who has time to suck up to people? We certainly don't... and it seems like Mon doesn't either.

She burps (and doesn’t care)

Guess what?! Occasionally, people burp.


Like Montana, just say "sorry, obviously," and carry on your conversation like nothing's happened. Trust us - it's better out than in!

She's been mugged off (haven't we all...)

Sometimes Love Island romances can look like an absolute fairy-tale from the comfort of our sofas (cough… Marcel and Gabby Allen). But for Mon and her men, things haven’t always been plain sailing.

First she got pied by Dom for glamour model Jess, despite the fact he snogged her MINUTES before their date. And then, when she moved on to Simon Searles, he only went and told her best mate Amber Davies that he wanted to "rip her clothes off" instead.

montana brown dom lever

We know, our faith in men is at an absolute zero right now.

But truth be told, Montana's bad experiences with boys have been SO. RELATABLE. We've all had some negative relationship stories in our time, and they've only made us more keen for her to find a nice man.

(Come on Alex, don’t let us down!)

She's picky AF

Unlike Amber, whose type is just about every man on paper, Montana certainly took her time to find a lad in the villa. But we can RELATE. Ever scroll through Tinder for about one million hours and find absolutely nobody who takes your fancy?


montana brown

So we think it's absolutely fair enough that Montana didn't really get excited about anyone until model Alex came along.

Why settle, after all? Good things come to those who wait!

She's discovered the magic of Sudocrem

Don't worry about the fact you're in a villa full of mega-fit guys, Mon. Just splash that sudo-creme on your face before bed.

Everybody who's anybody knows this is an absolutely essential beauty ritual. It gets rid of spots almost instantly...and we LOVE that Montana has the balls to do it.

montana brown

Her dancing skills are....questionable

You might have seen Mon dancing the other day, when her and the girls performed a rap to their Love Island lads. And let's just say, her dancing skills left a little to be desired.

Some people on Twitter even said she looked like she was wearing a back brace. LOL.

Awww, don't worry Montana, here at heat we fully advocate dad dancing at all times.

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