Every time Chris and Kem were the best couple in Love Island

Fifty shades of Chem, anyone?

Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes

by Lucy Lyth |
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The best part of Love Island is obvious. And no, it wasn't Jamie scolding Olivia Attwood and Sam Gowland as if they were naughty little toddlers.

Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay's budding bromance has got to be the most entertaining and enjoyable part of Love Island, right?

Like, this is literally us when we see Chris and Kem together:

From snuggling, spooning and sulking together in bed, to coming up with new words to 'mug people off with', to showering together and comparing penis', we really feel Chris and Kem's relationship is the strongest out of everyone's.

I mean, they shaved each other's pubes, had a cheeky snog and Kem even admitted to Chris being his second half. Come ON. Just couple up together already, no?

Actually, this may be slightly incestuous seeing as they are ‘brothers.’

Anyway, here’s a list of our favourite Chem moments of the series, leaving the best until last. OOH, the suspense.

1. Smile and wave boys

The time Kem waved savagely at Chris as he got plunged into the water in the Challenge, how well do you know your partner.

2. Rapping their feelings

When Kem and Chris were rapping their feelings using carrots and hummus as innuendoes. Incredible.

3. Snuggles and Spooning

We begin our journey of Chem with the innocent activity that is cuddling in bed and partaking in a good morning spoon. This became the most common of Chem moments, including their intense chats about Amber and Liv.

Honestly, their pillow talk puts us girls to shame.

4. Including Chris in the rap

When Kem didn't want to hurt Chris' feelings but excluding him so let him take a line in his and Marcel's rap. Look at Chris' face, he looks so happy!

You can tell the two genuinely care about each other and want each other to be happy and this is just cute AF.

And if you don't rate Chem then a little bit leave it.

5. Shit, Shower and Shave

Boys who shave together, stay together. This has to be one of the most amusing of moments, watching the two attempt to shave each other's initials into their pelvic areas. My boyfriend never offered to do this. Oh yeh, I don't have one.

6. The Snog

When the public finally got what we wanted and witnessed a short but sweet snog between Chris and Kem. Oh, how we wish this went on for longer and they finally accepted their true feelings for each other.

7. Brotherly Love

When Chris called Kem his brother and Kem said he felt as if he had been walking around with half a person, because Chris is his other half.

8. Kem asked Chris to be BEST MAN at his wedding

And recently when Kem asked Chris to be BEST MAN at his wedding, we didn't tear up because he mentioned he would marry Amber, but because he asked Christ to be his best man. Oh my god stop. Someone get us a box of tissues, stat.

Even girls don't get on that well!

It's official, Chris and Kem have opened the door to a new TV show – Bromance Island. Let the castings begin.

Here is a nice composition Chem's best Bromance moments. Enjoy.

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