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Love Island

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So, Love Island is BACK and we already have a feeling this could be the best show yet.

We're still reeling from all the sexy af chat about pens, Harry Potter, onion layers, and Danny Dyer. But let's take a moment to remind ourselves who's coupled up so far.

Check out the Love Island 2018 couples


Love Island 2018 couples week 2

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Laura and Wes

After last week's re-coupling, Wes and Laura are still together and seem like one of the only couples who genuinely like each other.

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Hayley and Eyal

Despite failing to 'connect' Eyal chose to save Hayley at the re-coupling. But he's probably regretting that decision now, after she said kissing him made her feel physically sick and their huge fire pit bust-up. Awks.

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Samira and Alex

Samira and Alex remain a couple, but have been very clear it's purely friendship between them (we're secretly hoping love blossoms, they're both adorbs).

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Dani and Jack

After a bit of a blip following Jack's cheating revelations, Dani and Jack are back on track. It's only week two but we're placing bets on these two to win.

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Niall and Rosie

After Kendall's head was turned by Adam, Niall was left single and ready to mingle. He was given a second shot at romance when newbie Georgia walked, opting to see where things go with her at the re-coupling.

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Adam and Rosie

After snaking poor Kendall and smooching Rosie, Adam decided to re-couple with solicitor Rosie - meaning Kendall was the first Islander to be sent home :(

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