EXCLUSIVE: Eyal Booker reveals his secret Love Island romance they didn’t show on TV 👀

Spoiler: She's LOYAL

Love Island's Eyal Booker

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What with there being sixty-odd cameras in theLove Island villa, you sort of assume they capture all the contestants' shenanigans. But, as dumped islander Eyal Booker's told us, sometimes the flirting doesn't make the final cut.

Yup - Eyal (it's pronounced ay-aal, to clarify) has revealed he actually told Georgia Steel he 'liked' her in scenes we didn't see on TV. The issue is she was with Josh Denzel at the time and she's, y'know, really loyal.

Love Island's Georgia Steel

Chatting to heat Radio's Emily Segal in the latest episode of #UnderTheDuvet, Eyal revealed: "By the end of it I did fancy Georgia a little bit and I did actually tell her that. I’m quite an open guy.

"She just said ‘well I’m with Josh.’ Oh, sorry; don’t want to step on your toes. I don’t know if I’ll go back into the villa, we’ll just see what happens."

Eyal also responded to those supposedly-pre-surgery pics of Megan Barton-Hanson doing the rounds. He said: "I’ve seen that.

"There is definitely and before and after but if you feel insecure within your body then you’re entitled to make the changes that you want to make in order to feel better; so fair play if she feels better in her skin now."

BELOW: Megan Barton-Hanson's most SHOCKING Love Island moments so far...


Megan Barton-Hanson Love Island shocking moments - heat

eyal megan love island1 of 6

When she dumped Eyal

Megan's first action that shocked the nation was when she callously dumped Eyal after they had sealed the deal in The Hideaway, and he had clearly grown strong feelings for her. Ouch.

megan love island rosie2 of 6

When she stripped off for a sexy lingerie shoot with Rosie

Remember when Megan stripped down with Rosie for a hot photoshoot aimed at making Adam Collard jealous? Yep. Meg strutted her stuff in a near see-through lace outfit.

megan love island wes3 of 6

When she basically broke up Laura and Wes

Probably Megan's most shocking - and SNAKY - moment so far is when she broke up Wes and Laura. She enticed Wes by asking for a cheeky kiss and made her feelings clear for him behind Laura's back. Not cool. Not girl code.

megan love island alex kissing4 of 6

When she ditched Wes for Alex

Megan and Wes' whirlwind romance wasn't meant to be though, because as soon as the boys went to Casa Amor, Megan necked on with new guy Alex. They've shared a few sneaky kisses so far, including a long snog in bed. Ooooh.

megan love island dean5 of 6

When she tested the waters with Dean

But Alex and Wes just weren't enough for Megan - she had to test the waters with newbie Dean, too. They shared a snog in the garden, but Megan concluded that he wasn't for her after she described his beard as too prickly. Awks.

megan love island alex recoupling6 of 6

When she snubbed Wes at the recoupling

SPOILER ALERT: In tonight's episode Megan snubs Wes by picking newbie Alex to recouple with. TALK about zero loyalty.

This all comes after Eyal opened up about his failed pop career as part of EverYoung. Speaking to heatworld, he said: "The videos were already out there and it was something I’d put my name to. I’m never going to hide from it. It was a point in time, you know? I was a young fifteen-year-old kid that had been sold a dream of pop success and had no control over what we were doing or what we were singing.

"We were a band that was put together and told what to sing, what to say and where to stand. At the time I trusted the people who were around me."

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