Love Island’s Katie Salmon left unconscious after being ROBBED

The reality star was left in the street covered in blood

Katie Salmon

by Ruby Norris |
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Love Island's Katie Salmon was robbed and left unconscious in the street by someone she thinks was a fan.

The reality TV star was out in London with friends, including fellow Love Islander Jessica Hayes, when her night took a dramatic and terrifying turn.

While Katie reveals she can't remember many details of the night, she says the last thing she remembers is feeling ill after having a drink with a fan before she woke up alone in the street, feeling scared and confused.

Speaking to The Sun, Katie states: "I met this guy who said he was a big fan."

The star explained that she was chatting to this man and letting him take selfies with her, as that is how she is with all her fans.

She then revealed: "The last thing I remember was being in the toilet and feeling really weird, my head was spinning, and that's literally all I can remember."

According to Jessica, Katie left the club with the man at 2.30am.

The next thing Katie remembers is waking up terrified outside a hotel at about 5:30 in the morning with cuts, bruises and covered in blood.

"My phone had been robbed, my bag had been robbed, I had nothing," she told the newspaper.

Despite being shaken up, Katie was able to get to the police who eventually found out where she was staying using Instagram and took her home.

After some investigation, the police were able to piece together some of Katie's night and found that the suspect had tried to check Katie into a hotel, but when that proved unsuccessful, he'd left the heavily drugged and barely conscious star on the street.

Officers believe Katie may have been spiked with the date rape drug GHB – something she's struggling to come to terms with.

"I couldn't leave the house for two days after it had happened I was scared of the unknown," she said.

"That's what's really shook me up. I'm still scared now, I haven't been out much, I've been for meals and with people I can trust, but I can't go to clubs now."

Our thoughts are with Katie.


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