This is how the Love Islanders have been SECRETLY communicating off-camera


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Love Island 2018 contestant Adam Collard has revealed how him and his fellow contestants would secretly communicate with each other off-camera, and behind the producers backs. OOOOH.

It's no secret that when you're locked up in a villa for near to three months, with no communication with the outside world, and with the knowledge that millions of people are tuning in daily to watch your every move, you will feel like your privacy has been invaded.

So, the cunning Love Island contestants came up with a secret way of talking without the public or the Love Island bosses knowing.

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Adam Collard, who was recently booted off the ITV2 show, revealed: "We used to write messages to each other when we were in bed so other people couldn’t hear what we were saying." VERY sneaky.

He also told OK! magazine, "we deleted our messages but the producers told me that they still have them all."

Apparently, Love Island producers are able to track what's the activity on each contestant's phone.

Their phones have minimal apps available for use, like the Love Island messenger app that the producers have full access to, and the camera feature.

The producers also use the phones to alert the contestants of big news, such as the arrival of new contestants, games, or dates.

SEE the funniest loyal memes about Georgia Steel:


Love Island Georgia Steel meme loyal - heat

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CREDIT: Twitter

The Chicken Loyal

A chicken loyal, we're honestly crying.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme2 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Mail

Georgia is the new face of the Royal Mail - oh sorry, we mean Loyal Mail.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme3 of 9
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Crabbe and Loyal

She's even made her debut on Harry Potter, as part of Crabbe and Loyal. LOLZ.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme4 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

Casino Loyale

Step aside Daniel Craig, Georgia Steel is the new main act of Casino Loyale.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme5 of 9
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The Loyal Family

The Loyal Family just keep on expanding, don't they! Also we bow down to the Photoshop skills behind this pic.

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The Loyal Playlist

If Georgia was to have a Spotify playlist, it would look something like this...

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The Loyalty Card

ITV tweeted this pic of Love Island's Loyalty Card, which subsequently went viral. Get a Georgia-shaped stamp every time she says the word 'loyal'.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme8 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

The Loyal Navy

She was born in York, but made in the Loyal Navy.

georgia-steel-loyal-meme9 of 9
CREDIT: Twitter

Susan Loyal

Susan Boyle has had a makeover, and now she's Susan Loyal. OMG.

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