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The class ofLove Island 2021have finally been revealed and we are already counting down the days and hours before they strut into the most famous villa in the world on Monday 28 June.

The hit ITV2 show is not into its sixth series and has provided us with some of our favourite reality TV moments ever. It really is the show that keeps on giving. The show generates the best memes, the best celebrity reactions and the best one-liners.

So brace yourselves folks, here's our picks of the most ICONIQUE Love Island moments ever to tide you over until the show is on our screens at 9pm ever single night. Ready to take a trip down memory lane.

Jon Clark’s shock proposal to Hannah Elizabeth

The first series of Love Island seems like DECADES ago – it was aired in 2015 – but it was the show that gave us the first ever villa proposal. We do cringe a little inside everytime we watch Jon Clark, who later enjoyed a stint on TOWIE, got down on one knee to ask girlfriend Hannah to marry him. After just six weeks. They didn’t last, but the thought was there.

Josh Denzel returning from Casa Amor not being loyal

Casa Amor moments will probably make up most of this list TBH, but Georgia Steele’s face when her man Josh walked into the villa with new squeeze Kaz lives in our head rent free. Georgia had spent days sleeping on the sofa and boasting about how “loyal” he was. Poor love.

'I was coming over here to tell you I loved you'

Amy and Curtis’ romance seemed like a fairytale for the first two weeks of series five. We thought they were perfect together, until Curtis’ head started turning towards new girl Jourdan.

It was during one of their ‘chats’ that Amy and Curtis delivered the lines of the entire series. “I was coming back here to tell you I love you!” and, “I also want to be the person that gets up in the morning and makes everyone a coffee so that everyone is ready for the morning”. If we’re being completely honest, we still can’t believe it happened.

Tom puts his foot in it MAJORLY with Maura

Oh the lads banter that ends up being overheard by the girl you’re heading to the hideaway with. You couldn’t write this one.

Zara gets stripped of Miss GB

After going all the way in the hideaway with Brummie Alex Bowen hours after he walked in the villa, Zara was controversially stripped of her Miss GB title by pageant bosses as she was labelled “not a very good role model”. The amount of chat and news that surrounded Zara’s decision is still talked about today, years later. Zara left the show just days later due to the death of a family member and Alex went on to marry his fellow Islander Olivia Buckland (now Bowen).

Stormzy’s guest appearance

Fans of Love Island tend to tweet their thoughts about the Islanders every single night the show is on, but we were all a bit shook when superfan Stormzy gave his thoughts on Chris Hughes' romance with Olivia Attwood, brazingly tweeting 'you're too good for her bro'. Woaaaah.

His tweet was then used in a game on the show and the whole nation ERUPTED. Fast forward to the talent show task and he was seen via videolink in front of Olivia and Chris. Awks.

Just Olivia Attwood in general

Olivia Attwood in series three was just the gift that kept on giving. She’s one of the funniest and most relatable Islanders ever and deserves every single bit of success that comes her way. From losing her mind when fellow Islanders had an opinion on her antics and getting the 'ick' every day, everything she did was iconic.

Anna Vakili EXPLODES at Jordan Hames

IMAGINE making things official with someone you really like to then admit you fancy the pants off the new girl that's just walked in. Anna did not take news lying down and she soon marched over to Jordan to label him a 'liar'. Their row divided the villa and things were TENSE fo days afterwards.

The highlight of this moment? Ovie Soko calmly taking India away from the confrontation. What an angel.

Malin Anderrson confronts loverat Terry

Malin has always been queen of our hearts but we don't think we loved her anymore than we did when she returned to confront ex-flame Terry about his cheating antics with Emma Jane in 2016.

Can I have my sunglasses back please?

Congrats, hun

Another unforgettable Casa Amor stick or switch moment was between Callum Jones and Shaughna Phillips. After Callum returned to the villa with new girl Molly, she was gutted, but she didn't let her heartache show, she simply said, 'congrats, hun'.

Congrats, hun. We've used it ever since.

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Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles1 of 14

Lucie Donlan, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague (series five)

When boxer Tommy Fury entered the villa with Curtis Pritchard, Lucie Donlan seemed to fancy him a bit. Then, when the blonde bombshell that is Molly-Mae Hague entered and took Tommy on a date, Lucie realised that she fancied him a lot. Unfortunately Molly-Mae was Tommy's preferred blonde and they're still together to this day. Seems like he made the right choice.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles2 of 14

Tommy Fury, Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt (series five)

Even before Molly-Mae Hague entered the villa, Lucie Donlan found herself in another love triangle, caught between Tommy Fury and Joe Garratt. After Joe chose her in the recoupling and became pretty possessive, Lucie made it clear that she was keeping her options open and that Tommy was one of those options.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles3 of 14

Jourdan Riane, Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart (series five)

While Amy Hart was in Casa Amor telling Molly-Mae Hague that she loved Curtis Pritchard, he was busy cracking on with bombshell Jourdan Riane back in the main villa. Although Curtis ultimately chose to stay loyal to Amy (when Jourdan rejected him), the damage was already done and the two soon went their separate ways but not before Amy uttered the now infamous line, "I was coming back here to tell you I love you."

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles4 of 14

Rebecca Gormley, Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge (series six)

After Rebecca Gormley swiped Luke Trotman from Siânnise Fudge in a previous recoupling, a love triangle was born with both girls fighting to keep him. Eventually Luke put the matter to rest by choosing Siânnise and they went on to be the series runners-up.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles5 of 14

Laura Anderson, Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson (series four)

Despite being in a couple with Eyal Booker, during a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, Megan Barton Hanson decided to make a play for Wes Nelson. Wes, who was in a couple with Laura Anderson at the time, decided to snog her back and the pair eventually coupled up much to Laura's dismay. Although the pair ended up dating after the show, Laura got the last laugh after coming in second with Paul Knops whilst Megan and Wes only came in fourth.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles6 of 14

Yewande Biala, Danny Williams and Arabella Chi (series five)

Almost immediately after asking Yewande Biala to show him more affection, Danny Williams started flirting with Arabella Chi and ultimately chose to recouple with her (the out-going model) instead of Yewande (the shy scientist). How predictable. But, as Yewande told Danny, "What goes around, comes around," as he found out when he and Arabella were booted out of the villa soon after.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles7 of 14

Amber Gill, Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides (series five)

Amber Gill and Michael Griffiths originally seemed like the perfect couple until Casa Amor struck yet again and Michael's head was turned by bombshell Joanna Chimondes. The nation's outrage at his decision was confirmed when Amber later won the series despite having only known Greg O'Shea for a few days.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles8 of 14

Dom Lever, Jess Shears and Montana Brown (series three)

By the second day in series three, we already had our first love triangle after Jess Shears snogged Dom Lever during a challenge, despite the fact that he was coupled up with Montana Brown. Dom eventually realised that Jess was more his type leaving Montana fuming but, it seems that he made the right choice since Jess and Dom are still together to this day.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles9 of 14

Ovie Soko, Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames (series five)

After heading to Casa Amor, Anna Vakili's head was turned by basketball player Ovie Soko, leaving her former partner Jordan Hames single. But, once back in the villa, Anna couldn't seem to make up her mind between her two love interests and flitted between the two. Eventually, after a fight with Ovie, Jordan and Anna shared a steamy smooch on the balcony and got back together.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles10 of 14

Kaz Crossley, Josh Denzel and Georgia Steel (series four)

Georgia Steel and Josh Denzel seemed to hitting it off until Josh headed to Casa Amor and returned in a couple with Kaz Crossley. Ever "loyal" Georgia proceeded to tell Josh he'd "f--ked it" and later coupled up with Sam Bird.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangle11 of 14

Malin Andersson, Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams (series two)

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh were an unlikely couple but seemed to make it work. In fact, when Malin got kicked out of the villa, Terry nearly left with her but ultimately decided to stay whilst promising that he wasn't looking for love. However, as soon as Emma-Jane Woodhams arrived, his tune changed completely and the two were soon having sex on top of the covers. And who could forget that showdown that we got between Terry and Malin later. Iconic.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles12 of 14

Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy Fury and Maura Higgins (series five)

When Maura Higgins entered the villa, she immediately set her sights on Tommy Fury despite the fact that he was already in a couple with Molly-Mae Hague. Tommy was clearly torn between the two for a while but eventually decided to stay with Molly-Mae and the rest, as they say, is history.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles13 of 14

Sam Gowland, Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood (series three)

After initially being paired with Sam Gowland, Olivia Attwood's head was soon turned by late-entry Chris Hughes much to Sam's dismay. Liv and Chris eventually coupled up and after MANY bumps in the road, came in third place together.

Love Island's Most Dramatic Love Triangles14 of 14

Zara McDermott, Adam Collard and Rosie Williams (series four)

Adam Collard flitted between women during his short-lived stint on Love Island from Kendall Rae Knight to Rosie Williams, then to Zara McDermott, much to Rosie's dismay. Adam was slammed on social media for his treatment of Rosie but managed to slightly redeem himself by making a go of things outside the villa with Zara, however the real-world romance was short-lived.

WATCH ‘I’m pregnant or we’ve split’ Luke T and Siannise talk Rumours & Love After Love Island

Luke T asks Siannise to be his girlfriend

We’ve seen a fair share of declarations of love on Love Island, from Tommy Fury using Ellie Belly to ask Molly-Mae Hague to be his girlfriend to Kem sending Amber all around the villa via the medium of text messages. However, Luke T’s fairytale gesture to make things official Siannise with tops it for us. We’re a sucker for a homemade crown.

Amber keeping it cool, calm and collected

2019 saw Amber Gill walk away the queen of the Love Island villa alongside her love interest Greg O'Shea. They split almost five weeks after leaving and to us, Amber won on her own. We've never seen someone so chill in a crisis and despite ENDLESS drama with ex Michael Griffiths who famously dumped her for Joanna Chimonides in Casa Amor, called her 'chaldish' and THEN tried to get back with her. All in a series work. She hardly shed a tear, she remained composed at all times, defended her friends to the end and walked away with the prize money.

Danny Dyer meets Jack Fincham

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham were the love story of 2018 but our FAVOURITE moment of that series was when the pair were faced with a video call with none other than the legend that is Danny Dyer (aka Dani's famous dad), who Jack fessed to having posters of on his wall.

Things didn't work out between them, but we'll never forget this moment.

Demi falls over

When you get pulled for a chat and...go flying. Despite Shaughna pulling her for a chat to tell her that she now fancies her man Luke Mabott, she STILL made us all laugh.

Megan makes her move on Wes

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Oh Megan Barton-Hanson, you tease. Megan entered the Love Island villa late, meaning that she had to ruffle some feathers to find her man. We never thought Megan would go after Wes, who was loved up with Laura Anderson, but she did and Wes, well, he couldn't resist.

As Meg set sights on what she wanted, she first made Wes go weak at the knees before he then proceeded to end things with Laura. It wasn't long before Laura was calling Megan all sorts of names across the garden.

What's your favourite Love Island moment?

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