Love Island’s Rosie Williams becomes victim of online trolls

Rosie Williams

by Sophie Bronstein |
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Love Island's Rosie has reportedly had to go to the police following an evil troll threatening to 'rape and murder' her

Although Rosie may have had a tough time on Love Island with her on/off relationship with co-star Adam Collard, it would appear that things may have got worse for the star now she has left the villa.

Reports have emerged that she has been forced to call the police after a sick troll shockingly threatened to rape and murder her.

The lawyer, who has only been home from the show for a couple of weeks, has apparently been left very upset over the comments and is using her legal knowledge to deal with the situation.

A source told The Sun: "He has written comments about hunting her down and raping her, and has also written comments about killing her.

"In one, he said: 'You're nothing but a f_ing st. If I ever see you I'll f_**ing stab you.'"

Rosie is said to have been very alarmed by the troll's sickening comments, and wants to influence her fans to also feel confident to report anything similar that they may come across, to the police.

The source also said: "These messages were really disturbing and upsetting for Rosie.

“No one should feel threatened or unsafe online and should always report it. Rosie’s just trying to move on from it now and hopes action will be taken against this person. It’s vile.

We are truly shocked and hope that these evil trolls get the punishment that they deserve!

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