LOVE ISLAND SPOILER: Sam and Georgia get close! ;)

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Love Island, Love Island, Love Island. What would we do without thee? With only one more week of the show hailed 'Big Brother with abs' we are honestly unsure of what we are going to do with the rest of our life. No joke.

Option a) LOVE ICELAND this Winter (thanks Zoella, you genius).

Option b) CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER (which starts next month!)

Option c) Actually go outside and interact with other humans. Gasp.

A gentle blend of A & B please, my good sir.

In tonight's episode all the couples get so close, it's a little vomit-inducing. 'Kember' and 'Malex' fight for who's the strongest couple and Muggy Mike promises to take Tyla to the Harvester when they've left the Villa. Sounds like a Jane Austen novel if you ask us.

BUT, the biggest surprise of tonight will be Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison getting a bit closer, despite only being coupled up because Muggy Mike was already taken.

Both Georgia and Sam deserve a bit of love, given their luck in the villa so far. It's only fair.

Georgia tells Gabby about her feelings for Sam, “I just really want to take it slow. I like the build-up… I know it sounds cringey but I’d like our first kiss to be at a proper nice moment, not just like when we’re all sitting drinking or lying in bed.

love island

'I’d like it to be a cute moment you can look back on… I do like this stage when you flirt and fancy each other… It’s so nice how all of you think so highly of him.'


In the Beach Hut, Georgia admits: 'I am starting to fancy Sam a bit, it’s still really early days but I do find myself wondering where he is in the villa if I’m not with him. I do think I am starting to like him. I’m definitely feeling really happy at the moment.'

In the Beach Hut, Sam says he has plans to have a peck with Georgia by the end of the night.

WILL THEY KISS!? We can't tell you everything can we! See you at 9pm suckaaas.

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