Love Island viewers were savage AF about Olivia’s “tampon dress” last night


Olivia Love Island

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The entertainment just keeps on coming on Liv Island, sorry Love Isand (thanks for that pun, Twitter).

Olivia Attwood is the centre of attention pretty much at all times on this years Love Island. First she had majorly awks drama with Sam where she coined the phrase 'the ick' (we feeeeel you there babe.) THEN she was the centre of a super cringe love triangle up until last night when (SPOILERRRRRRR) Mike was dumped from the Island. The silver lining? That also gave us the term 'dicksand' which we've helpfully explained for you.

NOW, she's all over our news feeds once again but incredibly, not for boy drama. This time she's the victim of a fashion faux pas, and not the funny oops-my-nipple-fell-out kind-of faux pas.


Olivia Love Island dress

Yep, Olivia wore a dress last night that had some decorative string at the bottom. Unfortunately, it was placed right in the middle of the dress and thanks to Olivia's insanely long legs the string dangled right by her crotch.

Olivia Love Island dress

Dangling string by your crotch? Remind you of anything? Yep, viewers picked up immediately on the resemblence to a tampon and Twitter went OFF.

Of course, Olivia has way more pressing things to worry about than a slight wardrobe malfunction. Her best friend Jess was just dumped from the Island, how the hell is she gonna cope when she falls into more dicksand?

Also, if Tyne-Lexy was right about Jess and Olivia being mean girls, will Liv now become a lone wolf Regina George?

Honestly, mean girl or not, this gal can slay anything she wears, tampon resembling string included. Remember those little mermaid pants she rocked mid-argument with Montana? We LIVE for Liv's fierce fashion choices.

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