LOVE ISLAND EXCLUSIVE: Theo Campbell reveals how often the villa’s really cleaned

You know you've been wondering...

Theo Campbell in heat's Love Island: Under the Villa

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When it comes to Love Island, we need to know everything. Not content with sacrificing the best part of two months for the show, we're all over their social media, chatting about it 24/7 and trying to get every bit of detail from all the old islanders.

So now, after Kady McDermott off of series 2 revealed why the villa pool's literally never used (anyone else noticed that?), we've been grilling 2017 islander Theo Campbell on all the serious stuff.

Y'know, like how often the place is cleaned? DON'T TRY TELLING US WE'RE NOT HIGH BROW.


Chatting to Lucie Cave in the latest episode of Love Island: Under the Duvet, Theo revealed: "[We only have cleaners in] once a week. They change it, but only once a week; so by day four you're peak dirty. Mainly with girls' hair.

"It doesn't really smell. It's so open, it doesn't smell; but there's a lot of hair and dust."

Good to know.

And what about the producers, eh? How much do they control situations? "If anything they're not manipulating enough. They don't, and I think they should step in. What they could do to help is just take off the alcohol ban and let them have at least a bottle of wine each to get a bit more going on."

We'd be bordering on Love Island Australia territory then, pal.

Watch episode 3 of Love Island: Under the Duvet below

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