Love Island’s Zara McDermott hits back at body shaming trolls

Zara McDermott

by Sophie Bronstein |
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It's safe to say that Zara McDermott wowed us all with her super-toned bod on Love Island this year.

But even she can't escape body-shaming online trolls, it would appear.

After posting a selfie of her in a swimsuit on Friday, the reality star, 21, was hit with backlash from followers that were criticising her figure and accusing her of using Photoshop to alter her boobs in the snap.

Zara's waist does look very small in the snap, and her limbs very slender as she posed in a high-rise bikini and sported a messy bun in her hair.

She captioned that she 'missed the sunshine' in the Love Island villa, but fans were more focussed on her bust.

One said: "She’s breathing in soooo much it hurts to look at... Hahahah think that bikini is a bit to small for you love", while another added: "I think your a lovely girl but since when did you get boobs the whole of love island all I saw was a flat chest."

But it wasn't long before Zara hit back at the comments.

She quickly confirmed that the picture was taken during a beachy holiday last year.

She said: "I don't mean to be rude but I don't understand what you (and others) get from leaving negative comments on peoples pictures. Everyone is beautiful and there's no need for comments like these!"

Zara also claimed that she had never used Photoshop to alter any of her snaps, and that she struggles with her bust due to a medical issue.

"I can assure you this isn't photoshopped at all. As I have said before and I will say again, my boobs are completely natural and I absolutely love them."

She added: "Although it can be annoying sometimes when in some outfits they look big and some they look small, and I can't really wear a bra most of the time due to a medical reason, so hence why it depends on what outfit I'm wearing that the size can seem to fluctuate."

"I really don’t photoshop my pics and the reason it’s blurry is because it was taken off my Facebook page and the picture isn’t great quality, as this photo was taken last year.

She also claimed that online comments from trolls "drives girls to getting plastic surgery when everyone is perfect the way they are."

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