Love Island’s Lauren Richardson on THAT Zayn Malik photo: “It just went absolutely mental”

The 'mystery blonde' finally explains the picture behind the huge furore


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Love Island contestant Lauren Richardson was catapulted to front page news earlier this year after a photo of her with now ex-One Direction star Zayn Malik leaked on the internet.

The image showed her and Zayn hugging like they'd known each other for years – which prompted Zayn to tweet an apology to his fiancée Perrie Edwards and was thought to be the last straw before he quit the band.

However, Lauren has sworn there was nothing seedy going on in the photo and insists it was blown out of proportion.


Speaking ahead of the launch of Love Island, Lauren explained: "I went into the nightclub where he was, not knowing he was in there. I went in there because it was a free bar for three hours. So that was the reason I was in there.

"They were in the VIP section and I managed to get in there. I even told my friends I didn't know how I got in there because I looked like an absolute tramp. Wearing a pair of shorts worth three pounds from Dagenham market, hair scruffed up in a bun, no makeup on and we, the people that I was with, went over."

She then asked nicely for a picture and said there was "no problem" – until she decided to share the image herself.

"It just went absolutely mental," Lauren said. "So there's no juicy story behind it which I think everyone was dying to hear. It's just a picture."

But that didn’t stop certain Directioners from going after her – she said there was so much abuse that her boss sent her home when news broke that Zayn has quit, because he was worried Lauren would get the blame for that, too.

"You try not take it to heart because it's not my fault he left the band. You try to not let the comments bother you," added Lauren.

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