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Too Hot to Handle stars turned down Love Island

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Name two reality shows we can’t get enough of right now? ITV2’s Love Islandand Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. Just when we were starved of reality TV formats because of the global pandemic, two of them came along at once and we're loving it.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is a little bit different to the hit ITV2 show as it centres around enforcing a sex ban as soon as the sexy singletons arrive in the swanky villa on the stunning Providenciales island in Turks & Caicos, with the promise of a cash prize for those who stick to the rules.

Three of the stars of season two have now confirmed that they were in talks to walk into the famous villa in the world.

Robert Van Tromp, Tabitha Clifft and Cam Holmes have all confirmed they were in talks with Love Island but ultimately turned it down or chose other avenues instead. All three of them ultimately lured to the Netflix show under the premise of "sun, sea and sex" but got it taken away from them after a day.

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Too Hot To Handle - Season Two Cast

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Cam Too Hot To Handle

Age: 24From: Wales, UKOccupation: Model and Personal TrainerInstagram: @camholmessA self-confessed "sexy nerd" who loves Lord of the Rings so much he's even engaged in "elf-based roleplay" (blimey), Cam admits he struggles to settle down as he always thinks the grass is greener on the other side.

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Carly Too Hot To Handle

Age: 24From: Toronto, CanadaOccupation: ModelInstagram: @carlylawrence_Canadian model Carly calls herself a "maneater" and says she hates being told what to do. We can't imagine she'll be too happy when the rules are revealed then... The 24 year old isn't interested in settling down just yet and wants to "have fun and let loose".

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Chase Too Hot To Handle

Age: 24 From: Arizona, USAOccupation: AthleteInstagram: @chasedemoorTall, dark and handsome Chase rates his sex drive "100 out of 10" so we can't imagine him taking too kindly to the rules of the show.

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Emily Too Hot To Handle

Age: 27From: UKOccupation: ModelInstagram: @emilyfayemillerMulti-lingual model Emily says she always get what she wants and isn't afraid to break a few hearts, but could she meet her match on the show?

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Kayla Too Hot To Handle

Age: 26From: Florida, USAOccupation: Model and BartenderInstagram: @kaylajean.officialHailing from Florida, Kayla says she's happiest at the beach. The model and bartender loves a bad boy and has NEVER been rejected.

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Larissa Too Hot To Handle

Age: 28From: Auckland, New ZealandOccupation: LawyerInstagram: @larissa_trownsonWhen's she not immersed in the legal world, Larissa is usually found lapping up all the attention she gets at parties. Her friends have given her the nickname Tinkerbell as she loves guys to be obsessed with her, even though she's usually not a one-man woman.

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Marvin Too Hot To Handle

Age: 26From: FranceOccupation: Model and InfluencerInstagram: @marvin.anthony_A Parisian model and influencer with a masters in finance, who's played basketball at the highest level in France and started his own concierge business - is there anything Marvin can't do? Well, other than get up close and personal with any of the other contestants, that is...

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Melinda Too Hot To Handle

Age: 28From: New York, USAOccupation: ModelInstagram: @melinda_melroseMelinda may be one of 16 siblings (wow) but she says she still manages to stand out in a crowd. The NY-based model calls herself a "firecracker" and has her eye set on the boys when she enters the show.

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Nathan Too Hot To Handle

Age: 27From: Texas, USAOccupation: Former stripperInstagram: @nathankwebbOriginally from the UK, Nathan moved to the UK for his career as a Magic Mike-esque stripper. After having his heart broken, Nathan jumps from girl to girl - will he finally be able to settle down?

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Peter Too Hot To Handle

Age: 21From: New York, USAOccupation: Personal trainerInstagram: @petervigilantePersonal trainer turned TikTok influencer Peter says he gets "100-200" DMs a day, so he's not shy of female attention. So far there's only special one lady in his life though, his mum.

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Speaking to the Mirror, Robert explained, “I was actually in the Love Island process back in season six, among other shows as well.

“But with [Too Hot To Handle], it was very much signing up for something that you just assumed would be kind of with lots of half-naked girls.”

Cam also confirmed Love Island’s interest, saying, “I'd been kind of approached by a lot of different shows before, including Love Island, but they were just never the right time.”

London party gal Tabitha also revealed that Love Island producers had approached her a few times, “I thought about it myself. Why would I so readily say yes to this and not to Love Island? I just think it was a new, exciting show, and thought it was just something I wanted to be a part of.

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She also went onto explain that you know what you’re getting into on Love Island, whereas Too Hot To Handle is fresh and new.

"Love Island is great, but this one just seemed a lot bigger, a lot newer, a lot more exciting,” she added.

The second season of Too Hot To Handle was filmed back in November 2020 - by which point the UK had been in and out of lockdown for eight months, while Love Island has only just been able to return to our screens for series seven. The first season of Too Hot to Handle aired last year and made stars out of the likes of Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey.

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