Ariana Grande performs with *NSYNC at Coachella and the Internet can’t deal 😱🙌🏼


Ariana Grande and members of NSYNC

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Ariana Grande has wowed fans YET again by pulling out all the stops for Coachella 2019...A time when there is no limit to how much face glitter, lace and tassels one can wear whilst enjoying performances from some of the hottest acts in the world.

Ariana, who was listed as a headliner alongside the likes of Childish Gambino and Tame Impala, sent fans into a complete FRENZY when she brought (most of) the legendary 90's boy band *NSYNC during her performance, with many fans taking to Twitter to share clips of the inconic performance.

With one fan writing, 'WHAT. A. MOMENT' [sic].

The band said to the crowd, “Coachella, this has been a dream of ours, thank you Ariana!”

Taking to Instagram, Joey Fatone shared what we will happily refer to as one of the BEST selfies of all time, including himself, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Ariana. The singer captioned the photo, 'Thanks @arianagrande for having us ... was a great time and a chance to perform with my brothers once again ! #arianagrande #cochella2019' [sic].

Last Friday (12th April) the 'God Is A Woman' singer took to Instagram and Twitter to share various clips of her attending an *NSYNC concert when she was little. She loves a good throwback vid!

Fans could barely handle the levels of CUTENESS in the video, with one commenting, 'this is so emotional' [sic].

The star also took to Instagram on that same day to share a video of her singing along to 'Tearin' Up My Heart' by *NSYNC, which later turned out to be the timeless classic that the star revived on stage with the boys. She captioned the video, 'the best medicine 🖤 90s baby 🎧📹' [sic].

The posts followed on from Ariana sharing some 'terrifying' photos of her brain scans that highlight the effects of PTSD,

The 25-year-old also brought other superstars including Diddy and Nicki Minaj. Thank god for camera phones!

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande
©Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande © Getty Images

Diddy even took a moment to remember Ariana's ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who tragically died last year. The pop princess previously paid tribute to the late rapper on her 'Sweetener' tour, where she played his songs throughout the arena before she took to the stage.

Swipe to see Ariana Grande's complete transformation timeline...


Ariana Grande's complete transformation timeline

Ariana Grande1 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

June 2010

We won't rest till this is brought back as the Sweetener album cover.

Ariana Grande2 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

March 2010

Going for Loud era Rihanna red extensions are we, hun?

Ariana Grande3 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

June 2010

How fresh-faced does Ari look at the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere back in 2010, please? Sidenote how is that movie EIGHT years old?

Ariana Grande4 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

July 2011

When you whip out your overpriced 'vintage' Urban Outfitters camera and think you're Rankin.

Ariana Grande5 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

November 2012

We don't know what we miss more; Ari's red hair or our collection of official One Direction Sharpies.

Ariana Grande6 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

April 2013

The accessories are a bit 'Pixie Lott does V Festival 2012,' but we're HERE for it.

Ariana Grande7 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

May 2013

This genuinely might've been the first time we ever saw Ari in black. She's also just on the cusp of UK stardom with her debut album Yours Truly at this point.

Ariana Grande8 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

November 2013

Obsessed with the ombre 'do and strapless sequin look from the 2013 AMAs.

Ariana Grande9 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

December 2013


Ariana Grande10 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

March 2014

The Nickelodeon-inspired clutch, though. Iconic.

Ariana Grande11 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

August 2014

Er, talk about a glow up.

Ariana Grande12 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

August 2015

Living for the space buns. LI. VING.

Ariana Grande13 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

February 2016

Ari's most sophisticated look yet for the 2016 Grammy Awards?

Ariana Grande14 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

August 2016

Bangs bangs into the room. Ahem.

Ariana Grande15 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

November 2016

Rapunzel, let down your huuur.

Ariana Grande16 of 20
CREDIT: Shutterstock

May 2018

Back to the Focus era blonde for No More Tears Left to Cry.

Ariana Grande17 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/arianagrande

October 2018

Light blonde transforms into honey curls with gloss and bronze in October of 2018 for Ari.

ariana grande18 of 20
CREDIT: Instagram/arianagrande

April 2019

By April 2019 she's back to a sleek dark pony with darker eye makeup and some more casual streetwear looks.

ariana grande19 of 20

January 2020

Who could forget Ari's absolutely ICONIC Grammys look?

ariana grande20 of 20

August 2020

Can we COPE with this hairstyle change? Ofc. Pigtails all the way.

Her legendary performance included some on the star's most recent hit songs, including 'God Is A Woman, 'Bad Idea' and 'Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored'.

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