Ariana Grande sings Spice Girls lyrics, but fans think it’s her new song

Aaaand we're officially old

Ariana Grande and the Spice Girls

by Carl Smith |
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Spice Girls' Say You'll Be There is just everything, isn't it? Geri Halliwell's massive PVC-clad boobs and even bigger red hair, that hot-but-slightly-odd futuristic cowboy fella we fancied, the harmonica breakdown. It's safe to say we still listen to it on the reg almost 21 (TWENTY ONE) years down the line.

As does Ariana Grande, actually. The only difference? Ariana Grande's fans literally have no idea who the Spice Girls are.

Ari chucked a video of her singing the track, which was recently covered by MØ of Final Song fame, on Instagram; much to the confusion of her fans who got all hyped-up over the prospect of new music.

Yup, we're officially old and don't quite know how to process it.

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Putting a clip of the chorus on Insta, Ariana captioned her vid 'forever m00d #forgotthebridge #imissagoodharmonicasolo.' The issue? Her fans have no frickin' clue what it is. Much confusion ensued.

When Ari also took to Twitter to recite the lyrics:

Arianators were left in a tizz over the thought of new material from their fave. One fan replied 'SPILL SOME TEA BABY,' with another asking 'new lyrics?'

No, loves. It's this absolute classic:

Well and truly feeling the toll of time, Ariana then tweeted 'omg they're spice girls lyrics not A4 tea am i old'.

Bloody hell.


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