B\*Witched – where are they now?

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The late 90s and early 00s were an absolute goldmine of squeaky clean pop music.

With the pre-pubescent tween the demographic du-jour, big time record labels were churning out boybands and girl groups quicker than you could say “Reach For The Stars”, and to this day, the absolute bangers of the era hold a special place in our hearts.

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One such success story from the time were B*Witched, the double-denim clad Irish popstrels whose folk-y-twinged chart toppers and traditional Irish dance inspired videos saw two albums go platinum AND make waves in America. This was and still is major feat for a European pop group.

B*Witched consists of Sinéad O’Carrol, Lindsay Armaou, and twin sisters Keavy and Edele Lynch (younger sisters of Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, FYI). They saw a lot of success as a girl group, however this didn't last forever.

In 2001 the group were working on their third album when they received the news that they had been dropped by Sony. This forced the group into a hiatus.

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A year later, after they had not been able to sign a new record deal, Sinéad left the band. This was terrible news for fans of the group - they were still early into their career and had so much potential. Luckily the break proved to only be temporary...

The four of them were part of the five original bands invited to reunite for 2012’s The Big Reunion TV show and ensuing live performance, and since then have reunited for a number of small scale tours around Ireland and the UK.

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In 2014 they even released a new EP, called Champagne of Guinness, and two years later recorded a full album.

From their social media accounts, the women look to still be the best of friends and in March 2021 launched their own podcast together, called Starting Over with B*Witched.

We have no choice but to Stan.

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Edele Lynch

Edele was the lead singer of the group and after her time front and centre of the group, she turned her talents to songwriting for other girl groups, involved in Sound of the Underground for Girls Aloud and Twisted for Sugababes. She went on to star in a number of reality series, including the Celebrity Apprentice Ireland in 2013 and Big Brother in 2014. She's a mum of three and has spoken candidly about losing her money from B*Witched in dodgy housing investments.

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B*Witched aren’t the only group from the era to reunite in recent years.

Many of their fellow popstars on Channel 5’s Big Reunion used the opportunity to get back in the studio or on the road, including Blue, 5ive and Liberty X.

But we were absolutely THRILLED when Sugababes announced in 2021 that they would not only be reforming under their original line-up (after a number of years performing as MSK) but had already finished new music.

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