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East 17 where are they now

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Cast your mind back 1991, when a new boyband hit the music scene and took us all by surprise. East 17 had the charm, the charisma and the looks.

They became firm favourites with radio stations, competition for Take That, and had thousands of adoring fans screaming after them wherever they went.

Their songs were actual tunes, collaborating with the worlds biggest artists. Who can forget Stay Another Day - it made music video history.

East 17 now

But when their lead singer Brian Harvey became engulfed in a drug-related controversy, after he said, "It's cool to take drugs" and claimed that Ecstasy "can make you a better person", he was given the boot from the band, leaving them with no lead singer.

And it seemed to go downhill for the singers as they then split in 1997.

However, since then, they've had more reunions and new members than we've had hot dinners. Oh, and they're now called E-17.

East-17 members

As IF you need reminding - but will do it anyway, because we're nice like that.

The most famous, of course, was the lead songwriter and vocalist Tony Mortimer, who started the band after landing a record deal with London Records in 1991 with his original rap material. Then came Brian Harvey, who facially was probably the most recognisable for taking the melodic leads during the choruses (and standing at the front of the Stay Another Day video in his fluffy white hood, natch). In the original line up was also John Hendy and Terry Coldwell, but more on them later.

The band were named after postcode in the area of London they grew up - Walthamstow - which was also the name of their first single. Speaking of the pop 'feud' between East-17 and their 90s pop rivals Take That, music mogul of the era Guy Adams said, :They shaved their heads, and had tattoos, and were a lot, lot cooler than the nancy boys of Take That.

"In the great five-year battle that dominated British pop, East 17 were also on the winning side. Their music was sharper and more streetwise. It was infused with hip hop and sold by the bucketload: 18 million records across Europe, compared with Take That's paltry 17 million."

Pah, PALTRY - y'hear that Gary?

The golden era of UK boy bands may be over, but here at heat we've decided to take a trip down memory lane to see what the gang are up to now.

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East 17 - Where are they now?

Tony Mortimer
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Tony Mortimer wrote most of East 17's biggest hits, including their number one singer Stay Another Day. He also sung or rapped most of the verses, before Brian Harvey kicked in with his incredible choruses.

Tony Mortimer
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When the band reunited in 1998, Mortimer decided not to return, focusing on solo music instead. However, he did reunite with the band in 2010 for three years, releasing I Can't Get You Off my Mind and Friday Night. Nowadays, Tony focuses on being a record producer from his studio in Essex as well as raising his two daughters, Atlanta and Ocean, with his partner Tracey.

Brian Harvey
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Brian Harvey was the lead singer of the band, adding his soulful and harmonic voice to all the choruses of the band's hit singles. However, he was kicked out of the band in 1997, after he became embroiled in a drug-related controversy in which he had said, "It's cool to take drugs."

Brian Harvey
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Brian was quick to reunite with the John and Terry in 1998, under E-17. He enjoyed some success with the band but he then signed a record deal with Edel Records and had two singles released in 2001, which both got into the top 30. In 2004, Brian was announced as a contestant on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. However, he had to pull out after his grandmother sadly passed away while he was travelling to Australia. Since then, Brian hit the headlines after he ate four jacket potatoes and ended up running over his own body with his own car... He has since stayed out of the limelight, but has still been releasing music, including a single in 2019 called A Ghetto luv Story.

John Hendy
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John Hendy was (sadly) seen as one of the backing singers of the band, but his look was essential for the edgy and quirky band.

John Hendy
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John stayed with the band, reuniting with Brian and Terry in 1998, and becoming one of the only original members left, until the band split again. However, he returned when they reunited in 2006 yet revealed he'd quit the band in 2018, citing personal reasons and wishing them luck in their future. He's stayed out of the limelight since.

Terry Coldwell
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Like John, Terry Coldwell was pretty much in the background during the bands heyday. However, his rapping skills did come in handy as he "spit some beats" over a few of the bands tracks.

Terry Coldwell
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Terry joins John in being the only two members to stick through the East 17 and E-17 days. He still performs with the band, which is now made up of Terry, Robbie Craig since 2014 and Terry John since 2018. We can't keep up with the band member changes...

East 17 members

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Former East 17 member Brian Harvey hit the headlines back in 2019, after he filmed himself being kicked out of his local benefits office.

Uploading the incident to his YouTube channel, Brian claimed he was going to be made homeless, after the benefits office allegedly wouldn't give him the money he believed he should have been owed.

East 17 members
Brian Harvey posted a rant to YouTube ©YouTube

Brian said, "Enough now, I’ve had enough of this. So I’ve come down here.

"I can’t get anywhere after selling 22 million records, and the amount of tax I’ve paid.

Then when he got removed, Brian said, “F--king d--khead with you f--king attitudes. D--kheads."

“You’re bullies mate, you’re bullies. Who you talking to? You wouldn’t have a f--king job if it wasn’t for me paying tax. F--k you, f--k the lot of you. Sl-gs."

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Earlier this year, Brian was forced to deny taking cocaine after finding himself in a slanging match with ex-girlfriend and former EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook.

Back in March, the singer hit out at Danniella, calling her “a murderer” and claiming she hooked him up with a “paedophile ring”.

In a video protesting her innocence, Danniella said, "I'm fuming with him. What a d-ckhead.

"I'm just going to address Brian Harvey slandering the s-it out of me. Saying I'm a murderer, stuff like that. Saying I set him up with a paedophile ring. Calling me a groomer. He's mad...

"He's having a bipolar meltdown. And I feel for him I do. And I have championed Brian. He's on YouTube live now. I won't calm down. Sorry the geezer is f-cking crazy.”

Brian then hit back “I’m fed up with your lies and your cover ups. And talking me up like 'I love him, I care'.

"'He’s a c--t, he’s on coke.' I ain’t on coke. I’m offering you the chance to prove to this country you aren’t on coke and I’ll do exactly the same.”

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