George Ezra’s dramatic reading of Stephen King’s book ‘It’ is weirdly soothing…

We’d like him to read us a bed time story every night tbh x

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The Dave Berry Breakfast Show launched on Absolute Radio this morning, and singer, songwriter and all-round bae George Ezra was his guest.

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Everyone who’s listened to George’s music will be aware that his voice is more soothing than a soft piano concerto on a warm summer’s day, and it turns out he has the ability to make quite literally everything sound relaxing.

Dave got him to read a particularly disgusting passage of Stephen King book It (the one with that bloody clown), and it was actually very soothing.

Take a listen in the clip below:

Also on the show, George told Dave about a particularly awkward technical error he suffered while interviewing Elton John.

He said: “I'm not very tech savvy, but I've never had a problem. I just set them [the microphones] up and stuck them on myself and the guest - and I couldn't get a frequency. And I was like, ‘right, this definitely hasn't happened before,’ and I've got a little backup microphone that I put between me and the guest. And Elton was kind of like, ‘Are you ready?’ as if to say, ‘You look like you're pfaffing about over there.’"

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