Grace Davies talks new single testosterone and exciting tour plans

The way we're obsessed with this song, though 😍

Grace Davies

by Carl Smith |
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It's official, Grace Davies' voice is the audible equivalent of a cuddle.

We've had her sublime cover of Goo Goo Dolls' iris__ (remember, that one from last year's Love Island?) on repeat for months, and now Blackburn's best export's treated us to another new track; testosterone.

Somehow managing to articulate our every thought about the male population in three minutes and ten seconds of piano-led pop perfection, testosterone basically tells the tale of a fella blaming his willy for his infidelity. And, babe, we RELATE.

Since the song's the soundtrack to our picky-bit park picnics right now, we thought we'd catch up with Grace to find out the inspiration behind the track and ask when the hell we're gonna get to see her live 'cause, hun, it's been a hot minute.

Chatting about the meaning behind testosterone, Grace said, "Guys blaming their cheating on their hormones is something that’s definitely overlooked; the whole 'boys will be boys,' 'blue balls.'

"Not all men, obviously, but it’s definitely used an excuse more often than you’d think. It’s not a get out of jail free card in my books but, perhaps because it’s such a commonly used excuse, some partners are definitely willing to let it slide."

We've been there and can confirm it does, indeed, suck.

Asked when the heck we're gonna get to see her perform testosterone (and everything from her amazing friends with the tragic EP) live, Grace said, "I think about this every day.

"I’ve been on stage since I was three, so not being on stage feels weird to me anyway; but especially since I’ve got seven songs out which I’ve never performed live. I’m going to be a grandma by the time I get to tour!"

There is some good news, though - there are ways we can hear that oh-so-velvety voice of hers in the meantime.

"I hope to do a mini tour or one off show by the end of the year," Grace told us. "But for now I’m performing live every month on It’s not quite a live show but it’s as close as we can get right now."

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