Harry Styles’ Apple Music documentary’s so brilliant, FYI

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Harry Styles

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Harry Styles debut solo album's genuinely fantastic. Properly, full-on fantastic. Even our dad's text us saying he likes it complete with winky face emoticon. The ultimate seal of approval.

We think our current favourite's Only Angel or Meet Me in the Hallway, but it's all TBC right now.

Anyway, you know how Fulwell73 and Apple Music's Harry Styles: Behind the Album documentary's gonna be released on Monday 15th May? Well we went along to a super-fancy screening with Harry Edward Styles himself and wanna debrief with you.

We don't wanna give too much away, but highlights include:

  • THE MOMENT THE HAIR GOT CUT. Documented. On camera.

  • Live sessions of some of the album's best tracks. Vocals on point and the band are incredible tbh.

  • Tears, but happy tears. We're not taking post-Red or Black What Makes You Beautiful performance tears here (you're a die-hard Directioner if you remember that one, mate).

  • The original Sign of the Times lyrics, which are actually pretty EXPLICIT.

Look, check out this teaser screenshot straight from the docu:

Harry Styles
©Apple Music

Harry looking pensive penning the album in Jamaica, anyone?

Harry Styles
©Apple Music


Harry Styles
©Apple Music

Here's the teaser, in case you haven't seen it yet:

Can't bloody wait. So yeah, Harry Styles: Behind the Album's available only on Apple Music from Monday 15th May.


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