Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times video’s here, everybody

Like Mary Poppins. With slightly more stubble.

Harry Styles Sign of the Times

by Carl Smith |
Published on

In news that probably won't surprise you given the fact he's the most talented, charitable, generally-incredible popstar around; Harry Styles can fly.

Yup - just four days ahead of the release of his self-titled solo debut album the video for Sign of the Times is finally here; and if you try to erase those hilarious pics of his stunt double doll that came out recently it properly looks like he's levitating over the hills of Scotland.

Think Mary Poppins with a deep, Holmes Chapel accent.

Harry Styles Sign of the Times
©YouTube/Harry Styles

We're sure the internet will provide all the memes we need on this one; so for now sit back, relax and watch the UFO (Universally Fit One Direction member, duh) in action.



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