Harry Styles just HEAVILY HINTED one of his songs is about Taylor Swift


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Today is a very special day, and not just because Take That have revealed they’re planning a full reunion avec Robbie Williams, but because HARRY STYLES’S ALBUM IS OUT.

We’ve been playing Sign Of The Times on repeat ever since it was released, tbh, but now we have a whole load more to annoy everyone by incessantly singing along to! Woo!

Including Two Ghosts, which a whole load of people has claimed to be written about Taylor Swift.

The lyrics include: “Same lips, red. Same eyes, blue/Same white shirt, couple more tattoos.”

A reponse to Taylor’s song Style? Hmmmmm?

While he was on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning, Nick Grimshaw questioned Harry Styles about it.

Nick said: “This is the song that your really eagle-eyed fans… they used it and zoomed in on things.

“And this has been on the actual news. Don’t look through there (Harry was looking at his PR seemingly imploring for help lol)… just go with it.”

“This has been on the actual news… apparently Harry Styles has written a song about Taylor Swift… you’re going to be asked about this. I’m doing you a favour here. What is the song about? Don’t make me go to the lyrics. I have the lyrics.

Harry then replied: “Erm… it’s pretty self explanatory…”

And Grimmy said: “To you, but not to us…”

Harry then looks over at his PR and says ‘HELP ME GEOFFREY’.

Nick chimes in: “No, Geoffrey.”

Harry said: “I think things change and you can be… do all the same things, and sometimes it’s differen.t you know?

Nick said: “That is a round about the houses answer.”

Harry then replied: “A 2017 philosopher. London.”

Grimmy then starts playing the song, while saying: “So here we go, the one about Taylor Swift,” and Harry screams “NO!”

So it’s definitely about Taylor Swift, then.


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