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If you always blast a bit of Britney Spears, spin the Spice Girls on the regular and lose your shiz over Steps, heat Radio is the station for you. We love pop just as much as you; and since we've got so many amazing shows we thought we'd put them all in one place so you NEVER miss a beat.

We're just nice like that.

You can listen to heat Radio on air nationally on DAB digital radio, online, on Freeview channel 716 or by telling your smart speaker (Amazon Echo, HomePod or Google Home) to "play heat Radio." EASY.

Tune in now and check out our schedule below:


heat Radio: Show guide

Emily Segal1 of 10
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Emily Segal

heat Breakfast, Weekdays 6-10am.Emily wakes you up weekday mornings from 6am with the best tunes, the biggest guests, and your hourly showbiz round-up with The Bagel.

Alex Duffy2 of 10
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Alex Duffy

Weekdays 10am-1pm.Alex kicks off your workday every Monday-Friday from 10am with ridiculous #reheat throwbacks and some amazing tunes to get you through your workday!

heat Radio's Hitlist3 of 10
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heat Radio's Hitlist

Weekdays 1-4pm.We've got the perfect soundtrack for your afternoon!Whether you're at work, chilling at home, driving or you've got your friends over for lunch we've got all your fave pop bangers including Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Five, Take That and SO MUCH MORE!

Ryan Seacrest4 of 10
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Ryan Seacrest

Ryan's direct from Hollywood Monday to Thursday each night from 7pm with the latest showbiz news and some EPIC A-List guests!

Alex Duffy5 of 10
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Alex Duffy

Party Heat - Fridays 7-9pm.Alex ends your week with the ultimate Friday night soundtrack with Party heat. We don't think you can handle this...WOOOO!

Fiona Sadler6 of 10
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Fiona Sadler

Saturdays 6am-10am.Wakey wakey, rise and shine! Saturday morning might be a struggle, but Fiona will get you through.

Jamie Laing7 of 10
CREDIT: heat Radio

Jamie Laing

Saturdays 10am-Midday and Sundays 6-8pm.Join actual Jamie Laing for all the MiC gossip and his take on the world of entertainment.

Alex Duffy8 of 10
CREDIT: heat Radio

Alex Duffy

Saturdays 6pm-10pm.Alex is back to take you straight into the weekend. YAAAS.

Chris Younie9 of 10
CREDIT: heat Radio

Chris Younie

Sundays 6am-10am.Chris wakes up early every Sunday (bless him, he is a trooper...) playing you all the biggest heat songs from 6am!

Josh Cuthbert10 of 10
CREDIT: heat Radio

Josh Cuthbert

Sundays 12pm-1pm.Union J's Josh playing all his favourite heat bangers, sharing the juicy showbiz gossip from his week, playing games with his celeb pals, and he'll even chuck in a few boyband classics too (it would be rude not to, really!)

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